JuJu Smith-Schuster

JuJu Smith-Schuster enters concussion protocol; Chiefs’mad

Andy Reid said the Jaguars should have been fined when JuJu Smith-Schuster exited the game with a concussion.

Reid claimed the hit on Smith-Schuster by Jaguars safety Andre Cisco shouldn’t have been allowed. “From where I stood, it looked like head contact, but I’m not making that judgement.”

Patrick Mahomes was throwing to Smith-Schuster when Cisco smacked him high, drawing a penalty. Wide receiver’s hands froze on the turf. Teammates helped him get up and walk off.

Replays indicated helmet-to-helmet collision, but referee Brad Rogers called no penalty while he was on the ground. Reid objected to Rogers, who claimed the shoulder-to-shoulder contact was legal.

Reid: “He was in a horrible spot for shoulder-to-shoulder collision.”

Rogers: “Two umpires judged that the defender had set and braced for impact and hit shoulder to shoulder. No helmet foul was called.”

Kansas City won 27-17 without Smith-Schuster. Smith-Schuster has two catches for 33 yards against the Jaguars.

His teammates were upset that no call was made.

Chiefs safety Justin Reid: “We were angry.” “I’ve taken several hard impacts, but never helmet-to-helmet.”

Mahomes: “We want to minimise helmet-to-helmet contact for player safety. By rule, helmet-to-helmet contact should be a flag for the defence. He wasn’t trying. It’s a high-energy play.”

Mahomes suggested helmet-to-helmet blows be assessed like college football targeting penalties, but he took it back when pressed to clarify. The quarterback praised Smith-Schuster.

“It’s terrifying outside. “He appeared normal after the game, grinning and joking,” Mahomes added. Take cautious and cure him swiftly.”

Mecole Hardman was out with an abdominal injury for the Chiefs against the Jaguars. Kadarius Toney led the Chiefs with four catches and scored his first NFL touchdown while hopping on one leg.

If Smith-Schuster and Hardman don’t play, he might play a big role against the Chargers next Sunday.

Toney paused when asked if he felt more involved than in his one-plus seasons with the Giants. “I don’t want to throw shade, but kind of, yeah,” he said. I feel at home “Giants first-round selection Toney was added. “I’m thankful to visit New York.” New York was an education. Just started. I’m a novice learning how the business works. I’ve arrived.”

Toney caught 39 catches for the Giants last season and two this year before being hurt. He caught two receptions in his Chiefs debut against the Titans.

Toney came up to speed quickly by “spending additional time doing what I need to accomplish” “I must know my duties. Why not spend every waking moment working?”

Toney called the hit on his teammate unlawful.

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