Jimmy Kimmel Crocs

In a new charitable partnership, Jimmy Kimmel serves up Crocs with whimsical Jibbitz toppings that are themed after pizza.

Jimmy Kimmel and Crocs collaborated to give fans a deliciously timeless shoe that was modeled after the world-famous New York slice. Kimmel x Crocs is a freshly baked shoe painted to resemble a delicious slice of pizza.

Some of your favorite Jibbitz toppings, like mushrooms, spinach, pepperoni, and olives, are placed on the iconic yet divisive pizza-turned-shape. A caricature of the talk show host and Guillermo Rodriguez, Kimmel’s bodyguard and journalist for celebrity gossip, are two other bright decorating possibilities.

The affable host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” revealed the footwear information in a lengthy monologue that was uploaded to the program’s YouTube account. The New York native began by cracking jokes about the day’s news before introducing his collection with his “legacy in mind.”

In a parody spoof, Kimmel and Guillermo are seen meeting with Crocs CEO Andrew Rees in a conference room. Rees shared in the video additional high-profile Crocs partnerships with artists like Bad Bunny and Diplo. Kimmel displayed crude and ridiculous mock-ups of “Pop Crocs” made of bubble wrap, “Croctapus” which were clogs with an octopus theme, and “Barefoot Crocs” which were images of the television personalities’ feet superimposed onto the silhouette of clog Crocs. The comedian started rattling off ideas he had for his shoe that best represented his vision.

A charity contribution will be given in appreciation of the partnership for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. On the Crocs website and app, pre-orders for the Jimmy Kimmel x Crocs are currently being accepted.

Photo Credits: https://commons.wikimedia.org/