Jessica Simpson discusses her "big movie star" secret relationship.

Jessica Simpson discusses her “big movie star” secret relationship.

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“Movie Star: They Always Say They’re Single,” a short tale by Jessica Simpson, is now available on Amazon. In the project, Simpson talks of meeting an unnamed star who she “grew up thinking was so gorgeous.”

She admits that it all started when she was only five days away from reconciling with fellow musician Nick Lachey, whom she later married.

Early in September 2001, according to Simpson’s account, “I still didn’t know how to be alone” after spending the summer away from her first true lover, Nick.

She encountered the actor, whom she refers to as Movie Star, at a 2001 MTV VMAs after party. He “eyeballed” her up and down, “Like he was undressing me with his eyes,” she says.

The singer, who was 21 at the time, said she obtained his phone number, never contacted him, later bumped into him and broached the subject of collaborating on a music video—which they ultimately decided against—and the two lost touch when she and Lachey reconciled and became engaged.

After their divorce in 2006, a producer informed her that the Movie Star had been pursuing her for a very long time and that she was unaware of it.

When Simpson was getting ready for an awards event, they met up at the Beverly Hills Hotel and had their first kiss there, according to Simpson.

She says, “He texted me the whole awards event.” “I felt unique since every beautiful lady in Hollywood was there for the occasion, and he wanted me,” she said.

However, there was a surprising storyline twist: “His girlfriend was the only other attractive lady in his life.”

Shortly later, Simpson said, “I saw a picture of Movie Star on a red carpet with her.” I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever be the other lady.

The anonymous star continued to pursue her after telling her that he and his girlfriend had broken up and were only being photographed together to prevent word of the separation from getting out.

She claims that she even extended an invitation for her to see him when he was shooting, but she was told to utilise the hotel’s fire escape since they had rooms on different levels and had to arrive in separate vehicles.

Simpson said that after a while she understood that the celebrity was trying to “hide me from his chick.”

She said that they did not engage in sexual activity and that she terminated things on her terms, but she did get a memento of him.

She said, “I wanted a trophy for my success, so I removed the pillowcase he slept on. I didn’t care whether it was spooky or cost him money… Additionally, it would convey the message, “This was enjoyable, but now I remember you.”

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