Jeremy Renner says in his first interview after the snowplough tragedy, "I chose to survive."

Jeremy Renner says in his first interview after the snowplough tragedy, “I chose to survive.”

In his first interview since being seriously injured in a snowplough accident in January, actor Jeremy Renner will tell host Diane Sawyer that he was “awake through every moment” when the seven-ton machine crushed him.

Prior to the debut of Jeremy Renner’s new Disney+ series Rennervations, Jeremy Renner: The Diane Sawyer Interview – A Story of Terror, Survival, and Triumph will broadcast on ABC News in the US on April 6.

Early in January, when his Sno-Cat machine ran him over, the Avengers star was taken to the hospital in a severe condition with traumatic chest damage and orthopaedic injuries.

The audio from the 911 call made to save Renner’s life is included in a teaser trailer for the interview. People can be heard encouraging the 52-year-old actor to “keep fighting” as he writhes in agony.

Renner answers Sawyer’s question about how much agony he can recall with, “All of it.” I was awake at all times.

When the Sno-Cat started to roll, Renner was attempting to assist his nephew in removing his vehicle from the snow outside of his Lake Tahoe house. The actor was crushed by the machine as he fought to prevent it from striking his nephew.

Renner tells Sawyer, “I’d do it again.” “Would you repeat it?”, she enquired in disbelief.

“I’d certainly do it again. Because [the snowplough] was directly heading towards my nephew,” Renner responds.

Renner’s nephew told Sawyer in the interview, “I see him in a pool of blood coming from his head.” I rushed over to him. I didn’t believe he was still alive.

“Eight ribs broken in 14 places,” Sawyer rattles out the list of Renner’s wounds. Broken bones in the right knee, right ankle, left leg tibia, left ankle, right clavicle, and right shoulder. Broken bones of the face, mouth, and mandible. Lung gave out. Your liver has been punctured from the rib bone, which is horrifying.

The actor admits that he had pondered, “What’s going to my physique look like? Will I only be a spine and a brain, like a test subject for science?”

When Sawyer replies, “I heard that you had said to your family, in sign language, “I’m sorry,”” Renner sobs.

“I decided to live. No way is it going to kill me, he continues. I have lost a lot of bone and flesh in this journey, but I have also gained titanium and been refuelled.

Renner’s physical rehabilitation, including him utilising a knee scooter to walk around, will also be seen during the interview. The actor has been using social media to update his followers on his progress. Two days ago, he posted a video showing him utilising an anti-gravity treadmill to walk for the first time.

“Do you see a fresh face when you look in the mirror?Renner responds, “No, I see a lucky man. ” Sawyer asks.

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