Jennifer Aniston and her father John Anastassakis

Jennifer Aniston & John Aniston’s, father, dies at 89

John Aniston, a veteran actor renowned for “Days of Our Lives,” has died, his daughter Jennifer Aniston the legendary actor of the TV Series “Friends” said on Monday.


“You were one of the most gorgeous people I know.” I’m glad you went to paradise peacefully and painlessly. On 11/11! Jennifer Aniston said on Instagram that she had excellent timing. “That number has new meaning for me.”

“Friends” star wrote “Sweet father… John Aniston”

The actor starred in several TV programmes and approximately 3,000 episodes of “Days of Our Lives”

Aniston’s caption: “I’ll adore you forever.” “Visit!”

John Anastassakis was born in 1933 on Crete. His family reduced their surname to Aniston when he was 10.

Aniston served in the Navy and appeared in an off-Broadway musical before becoming a soap star.

“Love of Life” and “Search for Tomorrow” were his big breaks. He became a household name as “romantic villain” Victor Kiriakis on “Days of our Lives” in 1985.

Kirakis was Greek like Aniston, but he ran a prostitution ring. Kiriakis went back and forth between his gangster and family man personas throughout the series. Aniston appeared on-and-off for 37 years.

During his soap opera appearances, Aniston started a restaurant in New York, divorced his first wife, Nancy Dow, and married costar Sherry Rooney.

Aniston was surprised his daughter wanted to be a performer. Aniston stated his daughter was phoning his agent for auditions when he was on “Search for Tomorrow”

“I told her, ‘Don’t go into show business.’” He remarked, “Showbiz stinks.” “I tell everyone who wants to be an actor: Don’t. If my encouraging them to leave show business keeps them out, they shouldn’t be in it.”

Aniston’s daughter didn’t listen and become one of the world’s most renowned actors.

In a 1990 interview with E! News, Aniston praised his daughter and cautioned her that brilliance doesn’t necessarily lead to a lengthy career.

Aniston’s soap career lasted almost 50 years, and he won a Lifetime Achievement Emmy in June. His daughter gave a heartfelt speech in his absence.

“His devotion to “Days” has earned him the respect and admiration of his fellow performers, close friendships, and millions of fans worldwide,” she added. His career defines lifelong success.



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