Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics is out with an adductor injury.

Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics is out with an adductor injury.

NEW YORK CITY – Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics missed Thursday night’s 109-98 victory against the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center due to a right adductor strain, which might sideline him for “a week or two,” according to Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla.

When asked how long Brown would be out, Mazzulla remarked before the game, “I anticipate it being very quick.” Brown was declared out a little more than 90 minutes before kickoff.

“Perhaps a week or two.”

Brown attempted to warm up for a game on Thursday, according to Mazzulla, but was unable to participate.

“I’m not sure about the chronology,” Mazzulla said. “I know he tried today and wasn’t able to achieve it. We’ll find out more in the coming days, depending on how he reacts.”

Mazzulla said that he believed there was a plan in place for Brown to get imaging done on the injury.

This season, Brown, 26, is averaging career highs in both points (27.2 per game) and field goal percentage (49.8%) for Boston, which enters Thursday’s game against Brooklyn with the best record in the NBA.

“Everyone is expected to do more, and everyone has to step up,” Brown’s Boston co-star, Jayson Tatum, said after the game. “Guys have more opportunities and simply have to make the most of them.” Obviously, we need him to reach where we want to go, but health comes first, and we just have to keep it together until he returns.”

Brown finished fourth for the second week in a row in the voting for Eastern Conference backcourt slots for next month’s All-Star Game in Salt Lake City, following Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell, and Philadelphia 76ers guard James Harden.

“No,” he answered, smiling. “Look at my hand; I have tape on my wrist, tape on my thumb, and today I had to bind my middle and ring fingers together.” I’ve got a lot going on. But, you know, lingering things had a role, and it was awkward tonight. But I like playing too much to sit out. So, yes, I had some horrible misses, but I’d rather be out there helping my team win than not.” So everything will be OK. But, yes, I did three or four airballs. But it’s better if you can laugh it off.

Tatum tweaked his wrist, which he first had trouble with during the NBA Finals, in the season-opening victory against the 76ers, and then had concerns with his thumb and, most recently, his ring finger.

When asked whether he would need to sit out because of his hand troubles, Tatum said he and Brad Stevens, his former coach who is now the team’s president of basketball operations, will address it in the coming days and weeks.

“[That’s] something Brad and I will argue over,” he remarked, smiling. “So, maybe you’ll see me sit out when it comes to that stage, maybe not.”

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