Jaylen Brown clarifies his most recent remarks on the Celtics' future.

Jaylen Brown clarifies his most recent remarks on the Celtics’ future.

The last four days have been busy for Jaylen Brown.

In that time, there were two feature stories on the Boston Celtics guard: the first was a writing in the New York Times that was published last Friday, and the second was a column in The Ringer that was published this past Tuesday.

Brown was heavily mentioned in both articles, including an evasive response about his future in Boston that made news Tuesday.

“I’m not sure. Whenever I’m required. Brown told Logan Murdock of The Ringer, “I can’t control it. “We’ll see how I feel about them and how they feel about me as time goes on. Whatever it is, perhaps it makes sense. But I’ll remain where I’m needed. I’ll remain where I’m required and get the proper care.

Brown will be available for an extension this summer despite being under contract through the 2023–24 season. His statements raised questions about whether he would accept the deal or look for work elsewhere.

So, Brown was questioned about his present status on Tuesday night after Boston’s victory against the Sacramento Kings.

Brown said, “I feel great,” as shown in the video above. “Right now, I’m playing for a 50-win team, which you can’t take for granted. It was the (Celtics’) 50th victory tonight. I’m now concentrating on helping my club make another postseason run. I can’t guess on anything beyond what I’m doing right now in terms of supposition, etc.

Brown continued by saying that he’s thinking about addressing some of the rumors that followed his most recent statements.

When individuals write pieces, Brown added, “I think sometimes they get taken out of context, especially when writers have their own agendas or whatever.” “As a result, I’m considering correcting some of the recent statements, at least for myself. But other from that, I’m just concentrating on my team. Basketball is what I’m concentrating on right now, along with winning games.

When it comes to Brown, there is a significant difference between reading his words in an article and actually seeing him make them to get a feel of his demeanor and body language.

“The one thing I want to make clear right now is that the Celtics need to play better and pick up more victories, stated Brown. “I’ll say something if I want to in the future about the kinds of things that have been circulating.”However, in terms of the present, I like it when people hear it straight from the source and can see my facial expression, response, and overall attitude toward what I’m saying. You know how certain things may sometimes get lost in translation?

Whatever Brown is thinking about the future, it is obvious that he is unaffected in the here and now. The All-Star guard has been the Celtics’ top performer in March, scoring at least 24 points in six consecutive games on Tuesday with a performance of 27 points on 10-of-16 shooting. Brown has been crucial in keeping Boston afloat despite Jayson Tatum’s recent offensive troubles, averaging 27.7 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 4.2 assists on 50.9 percent shooting this month.

For Celtics supporters, Brown’s apparent dedication to the team’s objective of returning to the NBA Finals and taking care of Boston’s unfinished business is crucial.

Brown said, “I maintain frequent connection with my team and my company. “Right now, I’m focused on getting everyone on board so we can accomplish what we say we’re going to do.”

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