Jane Fonda jokes that women would commit "murder" to defend their right to an abortion.

Jane Fonda jokes that women would commit “murder” to defend their right to an abortion.

“Hanoi Jane” is back.
On “The View” on Friday, acclaimed actress and outspoken campaigner Jane Fonda said that American women may have to resort to “murder” to recover control of their bodies in the wake of the Roe v. Wade decision.

The Oscar winner made the remark when the hosts wondered what she could possible do other than march and protest against the recent development of abortion-restricting legislation in numerous states.
“Oh, I’ve considered murder,” Fonda said, a remark that may have been missed in the shuffle until Lily Tomlin asked her to repeat herself.
“Murder,” Fonda said emphatically.
The topic arose during an appearance with her “80 for Brady” co-star Tomlin, which began with a question from the show’s panel about whether the two would be able to shoot a sequel to their legendary 1980 picture “9 to 5.”
The leading women predicted that it would be tough — but not impossible — due to eroding workers’ rights and the constraints imposed by contract labour.
The 85-year-old segued the conversation into a discussion of recent abortion restrictions imposed by several states in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision.
“We have had agency over our bodies for many decades now,” Fonda said, agreeing with Tomlin’s assessment that the county is “backsliding.”
“We understand how you feel. We’ve seen what it’s done to our life. We’re not returning. I don’t care about the rules. We are not returning.”
The crowd applauded, but the panel just chuckled and chalked it up to “Jane’s activism.”
Sunny Hostin quipped that her position deserved a Nobel Prize.
Joy Behar pressed Fonda on how she might effect change other than by marching and demonstrating, activities in which Fonda has been known to partake — and get detained for — throughout the years.
That’s when Fonda made her “murder” remark, causing the panel to bust out laughing and attempt to move the topic ahead fast.
“Don’t say anything like that,” Tomlin cautioned.
“She’s joking, of course. Just a second… They’ll catch on and run with it. “She’s just joking,” Behar said loudly, ignoring Fonda’s solemn, unsmiling expression.
The conservative response came quickly, as expected.
Former Trump administration White House employee Mercedes Schlapp accused Fonda of instigating violence against pro-life lawmakers.
Rep. Majorie Greene (R-GA) stated she would report Fonda for her comments and The View for broadcasting them, before informing Fonda, harshly, “your eggs are dried up, so you don’t have to worry about becoming pregnant anytime soon, so you can retire from advocating infant murder now.”
In an interview with the Daily Beast, Fonda, a long-time provocateur who earned the moniker “Hanoi Jane” after visiting North Vietnamese soldiers during the war in 1972, stood firm.
“Although women’s reproductive rights are a very serious subject to me, my statement on The View was plainly done in fun,” Fonda said.

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