Jana Kramer

As a result of Mike Caussin’s infidelity, Jana Kramer experienced feelings of “resentment” when she had to pay him child support.

Jana Kramer’s ex-husband Mike Caussin cheated on her, and as a result, the court ordered her to pay child support to him. At first, Jana Kramer was upset by this legal arrangement; however, she has since come to grips with it.

“Even though I have the kids 70 percent of the time, I still pay him child support,” the country singer, who is 38 years old, said via her Instagram Stories on Tuesday in response to a fan who asked, “You are paying HIM child support?” “Even though I have the kids 70 percent of the time, I still pay him child support,” the singer said.

Kramer testified that she initially struggled to come to terms with the idea of paying Caussin, despite the fact that she had agreed to have primary custody of the couple’s children, a daughter named Jolie who is six years old and a son named Jace who is three years old.

She elaborated by saying, “I’m like, I have the kids 70 percent of the time, I didn’t want the divorce and I didn’t cause the divorce.” And because of this, it was difficult for me to wrap my head around the fact that I had to pay him.

Nevertheless, the “Beautiful Lies” singer has arrived at the conclusion that the custody arrangement is in their children’s best interests.

She continued, “So I have to look at that side of it and not the anger and resentment if that makes sense.” “I have to look at it from the other angle, going, ‘OK, like, I’m grateful that I can provide for my kids, and this is for the kids,’” she said. “So I have to look at that side of it and not the anger and resentment.” I got it.”

Kramer opened up about her child custody battle after it was made public in a preview of her upcoming interview on “Red Table Talk” that Caussin, 35, had cheated on her with at least 13 different women.

“I am aware that you and I are both in better circumstances, but when I think about Christmas Day this year, my children will not be waking up at my house. She uttered those words with tears in her eyes. “That one is going to hurt.”

“At that point, I’m thinking to myself, ‘That’s not fair.’” He destroyed my hope of providing for my family in the way that I had envisioned. That is not acceptable.

In a prior interview, she discussed how she felt after spending her first Thanksgiving apart from her children the year before, saying that her “heart hurts.”

She posted on Instagram at the time, “Thinking of all the others that are having a ‘first holiday of loss or missing’ or just a difficult time,” and she was thinking of others who were going through a difficult time. “Let it out, and after that, let’s eat and drink our feelings,” the phrase reads.

Kramer wed the football player in 2015, but a year later the couple divorced after she found out that he had cheated on her. In December of 2017, they decided to give their love another try and also renewed their wedding vows.

The athlete then claimed that he suffered from an addiction to sex, and in April of 2021, the singer who sang “I Got the Boy” filed for divorce, claiming Caussin of having an affair with another woman.

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