Jake Bongiovi and Millie Bobby Brown seem to be engaged.

Jake Bongiovi and Millie Bobby Brown seem to be engaged.

After the pair shared pictures on social media on Tuesday, followers of the British actress Millie Bobby Brown believe she and lover Jake Bongiovi are engaged.

The “Stranger Things” actress shared a selfie of her and Bongiovi cuddling on social media, and keen-eyed viewers have seen a sizable diamond on her engagement finger.

The actress, who is 19 years old, captioned the picture, “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, I want ’em all.

She described Bongiovi, who she has been associated to since 2021, as her “partner for life” earlier this year.

Around the same time on Tuesday, Bongiovi, 20, posted pictures on social media, one of which showed the pair cuddling while gazing out to sea and with the phrase “Forever.”

One of the four kids that rock star Jon Bon Jovi and his wife Dorothea Hurley have together is named Bongiovi.

In the past, Brown has acknowledged that she “met Bongiovi on Instagram.” She told WIRED magazine, “We were pals for a while, and then, what can I say?

Brown’s team have been contacted by CNN for comment.

Brown gained notoriety for her lead role as the telekinetic Eleven in “Stranger Things,” which, according to Netflix, will come to an end with Season 5.

Since her “Stranger Things” debut, she has appeared in “Enola Holmes” and “Enola Holmes 2” with Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes’ sister and created her own cosmetics brand.

She disclosed last year that she had enrolled at Purdue University and was taking online courses there.

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