Is Nick Cannon required to pay child support after his tenth child?

Is Nick Cannon required to pay child support after his tenth child?

Nick Cannon’s child support was called into question on Selling Sunset when the mother of one of his 12 children appeared on the show, which premiered its sixth season on Friday (May 19).

Bre Tiesi, who had son Legendary Love Cannon with the actor-singer in July 2022, became the latest real estate agent to feature in the blockbuster Netflix series, and the other ladies at The Oppenheim Group were understandably curious about her connection with the media icon.

During the seventh episode of the newly released season, Amanza Smith inquires if the rumour that a parent is not obligated to pay child support after having ten children is real.

“That’s true,” Tiesi insisted. “It works like this: after 10, the court can basically say he can’t afford to pay child support.” “Alternatively, because he is who he is, they could say, ‘We know you can afford X amount for each household.’”

Tiesi’s lawyer Naema Rahmani stepped in after the chat aired on Netflix to explain that the reality TV personality’s allegation was untrue. “Bre, you should have known better!” Rahmani explained to Us Weekly. “That is completely false. Child support is not capped dependent on the number of children. So, to the degree that Nick Cannon is able to have children, he is required under California law to pay child support for those children.”

The legal expert went on to explain in a separate statement to Entertainment Tonight that she was simply “clarifying that Nick has a legal obligation to pay child support under California law” and “didn’t address whether the mothers of his children have requested child support or whether Nick has paid it to Bre or others.”

(Under section 4055 of the California Family Code, the amount of child support owed by the higher earner may be multiplied for up to ten children, which is where Tiesi may have gotten the double-digit figure.)

The real estate agent’s kid is the eighth child in Cannon’s large family. Legendary has been joined by half-siblings Onyx Ice Cole, Rise Messiah, Beautiful Zeppelin, and Halo Marie in the five months after his birth last summer.

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