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India defeats the courageous Tigers to win the T20 World Cup match against Bangladesh, with Virat Kohli once again shining.

In a game that was hampered by rain on Wednesday night, India just avoided elimination by clinging on for a five-run victory over a determined Bangladesh team.

As India recorded 6/184 from their 20 overs, Virat Kohli and KL Rahul each struck fifty runs, with the former continuing his impressive run of form at Adelaide Oval.

For the Tigers, Litton Das blasted a half-century off only 21 deliveries to get the run chase off to an amazing start. Unfortunately, a prolonged rain delay put a halt to any momentum.

Bangladesh’s chances of making it to the semi-finals were severely jeopardised as they fell five runs short of the amended DLS total of 151 from 16 overs.


With one more Super 12s game against Zimbabwe, India now leads Group 2.

The Sporting News covered every moment of the night’s events below.India vs Bangladesh T20 World Cup final score

Team1st Innings
India6/184 (20)
Bangladesh6/145 (16)

Live T20 World Cup updates between India and Bangladesh

INDIA WINS in the 16th over! Hasan is only able to manage a single, as the Tigers suffer a sad five-run loss.

16th over: Arshdeep will bowl the game’s last over, with Bangladesh needing 20 runs to win. For a single, Taskin inside-edges the ball past the goalkeeper. Hasan scores six runs with a fantastic pull-shot over square-leg! Bangladesh will need 13 runs from the following three balls when the next ball is a dot. Hasan can only mange two runs down the ground, thus 11 must now be produced from two balls. The next ball is played as a superb square drive past point for a boundary. The last ball needs to be six for a super over!

Pandya returns for his last set in the 15th over. Then, Taskin Ahmed slogs it over mid-wicket for a maximum after playing a gorgeous shot through the off-side for a boundary. Bangladesh has to score 20 runs in the last over. 15th over: 6/131; Arshdeep continues. Nurul Hasan smashes a boundary on the opening ball of the over, assuring Bangladesh that they won’t pass away in the dark. With two overs left, he plays a wonderful ramp shot for two runs and a flip past mid-wicket for two more, but they need boundaries now because the equation is getting harder. 13th over: ANOTHER WICKET! 6/120 after 14. A six is struck by Musaddek Hossain from his first delivery, smashing the ball over cover, and he is then bowled the following ball. Everything is falling apart for the Tigers. 13 overs later, 6/108: WICKET! As Pandya returns and removes Yasir Ali from the game after he flies the ball and Arshdeep makes a good grab, everything is going apart for the Tigers at this point.

Another failure in the 12th over! Shakib leaves, hitting the ball high in the air but failing to clear the boundary as the substitute fielder takes a fine catch at deep mid-wicket, thereby ending the match. After 12 overs, the score was 4/101: WICKET! As soon as Arshdeep rejoins the attack, he takes a wicket as Hossain lofts one to Yadav at long-on.

In the eleventh over, India has Ashwin back. Shakib establishes a crucial boundary by going over the top and right down the ground. The following ball is over-covered by the captain for an additional four runs. Shakib is starting to display the required intensity after a hesitant start. Despite playing a terrible reverse-sweep that soars straight up into the air, Afif Hossain successfully lands the ball. 11th over: 2/99 after 10: WICKET! As Shanto knocks the ball directly to the guy at long-on, Shami scores. After a spirited inning, the Tigers are suddenly in danger. As the needed run rate rises, Bangladesh can only muster four singles from the over. 10th over: 2/88 after 10. Hardik Pandya goes on the attack. A pull shot from Shanto top-edges and sails away for six runs over fine-leg. Two consecutive balls strike him in the torso, prompting Bangladesh to rush through for a leg-bye. On the leg-side, Shakib hooks it for a single. 9th over: 1/84; 8th over: WICKET!!! A straight strike from KL knocked down Litton Das. Rahul after falling while returning for a second run. After his partner was expelled, Shanto plays a superb lofted cover drive for four runs, and he will need many more of them. 8th over: We’re back on! 1/74 after 8. India launches its attack with Ashwin. Das attempts to punch it to the ground but is only able to land a single after falling and hurting his wrist.

10.15 p.m.: It appears that play will soon resume. Bangladesh must score 85 runs from their final nine overs to reach the revised target of 151 from 16 overs.

The rain has stopped as of 10:10. Hopefully that’s the end of it, so Bangladesh can finish their innings with the covers off.

At 10:05 p.m., the large cover has been removed, but the Adelaide Oval is still experiencing a little drizzle.

9.50 p.m.: There is no letup in the rain. In fact, it is becoming heavier. Bangladesh may benefit from a protracted wait, which might occur.

9.45 p.m.: No news on a possible playback yet, although the rain is starting to let up a little. Bangladesh currently leads the DLS.

Axar Patel will bat for India in the seventh over in an effort to slow down play and dismiss Das. After making a beautiful play behind the point for two runs, he took a wise single to the leg side. At Adelaide Oval, rain starts to pour as Shanto hacks away on the leg-side for two runs, causing a delay and the removal of the covers. 0/66 after 7 overs. Das takes on Shami and hits another boundary with a decent length ball pulled behind square on the leg-side. He reaches his half-century off just 21 balls with a slog over square-leg for six runs on the very next delivery. Das crosses another border once again, this time over more cover. This batting is excellent! The Tigers’ powerplay was amazing. 0/60 after six. Kumar is back for his third over in the fifth over. Das starts running for a daring single and is nearly run out when Ashwin hits him directly. Shanto is having trouble making good contact with the ball, but Das more than makes up for it by hitting an incredible ramp shot for six runs over fine-leg. 5th over: Mohammed Shami goes into the attack at 0/44. After playing a brilliant shot past midwicket for two runs, Das pulls the ball into the air, where it lands safely for three runs to cow-corner. 4 overs later, 0/35, Kumar gets another over. Das strikes once more with a stunning pull-shot over midwicket for a maximum. The following ball, he follows it up by crossing mid-off for a boundary. For an additional four runs, Das directs the ball through slip and point. The following ball, which he edges, gives Karthik a difficult diving opportunity behind the stumps. Das got off to a great start, and the Tigers will need him to remain around if they want to win this game. After three overs, India is at 0/30. In the second over, Litton Das hits Arshdeep Singh over the off-side for a boundary. Das displays great determination early in his inning by driving down the field for an additional four runs. He edges the ball to the goalkeeper, but Das is still alive since replays revealed that it was a half-volley. Utilizing his opportunity to the most, he dashes down the wicket and smashes Singh past cover for another boundary. After two overs, India’s Bhuvneshwar Kumar makes a quick cut through Najmul Shanto to score 0/14. The umpire rejects a request for LBW. The seamer has plenty of swing early on. 0/2 after 1.


20 overs were entertaining for both teams. Bangladesh got off to a strong start, getting Sharma early as Taskin quickly finished his four overs. Rahul and Kohli batted competently in the middle before Kohli and Ashwin, who made a great late cameo, closed the innings firmly. Hasan grabbed three poles but was pricey, while Shakib claimed two wickets while also being effective with the ball. The powerplay will be key for both teams in this crucial match, and Bangladesh will need to bat really effectively from ball one if they are to have any hope of chasing down the total.

Islam bowls the final over for Bangladesh in the 20th over. Ravichandran Ashwin plays a fantastic pull shot for six runs over square-leg to show that he isn’t going to allow the king do all the job. The following ball, he beats the guy at mid-off and travels down the ground for a boundary. The final two deliveries go to Kohli when Ashwin outside the strike zone, and he adds two runs on the leg-side. With the penultimate pitch, Islam throws a terrific yorker, but Kohli can only manage a single. 20th over: WICKET! 6/184 after 20. Patel gets trapped in his stroke as Hasan bowls a superb slower ball out of the back of his hand, sending it into the air where Shakib makes a good grab. The leg-side boundary is reached by Kohli’s superb hook shot. With a beautiful lofted straight-drive for six runs, Kohli ends the over. 18th over: Rahman is back on for the Tigers at 6/170. The game is started by Axar Patel, who flicks the ball off his hip for a boundary to the fine-leg area. Patel takes two errant strokes in a succession, both of which he misses. On his third try, Patel strikes the ball on the off-side, but despite Shakib’s diving effort, it falls just safely. 18 overs later, 5/157: WICKET! Karthik has exhausted himself in attempting to get a fast single but has been turned down by Kohli and is unable to return to the non-end. striker’s 17th over: Islam re-enters the fray at 5/150. Karthik executes a beautiful sweep shot for a goal. After adding two more through the off-side, Kohli later in the over reaches his fifty-run mark.

sixteenth over: WICKET! Pandya makes a weak shot from a short, wide ball straight to the fielder at backward-point as Hasan scores. Following a successful boundary off a loose delivery, Kohli runs for a single to mid-on. With two singles, Dinesh Karthik begins his night. There was some debate in the middle when umpire Marais Erasmus declared a no-ball because there were too many short balls in the over. The free hit results in simply a single. 16 overs later, 4/140, Rahman is back for the Tigers. Hardik rushes down to third man after piercing the gap and adding two more runs. Kohli is compelled to depart when Rahman bowls a strong short ball. Before sliding down the ground off the penultimate ball for another boundary, Kohli hacks over the line and inside-edges it for a boundary to the fine-leg area. After 15 overs, there are 3/130: WICKET!!! Yadav gets pushed over by Bangladesh’s captain just as he begins to move. Big-hitter Hardik Pandya starts things off by hitting a single on his first pitch. After 14 overs, the score was 3/119 for Hasan. Yadav, who was dropped in the previous over, hits two consecutive balls over the top of extra cover for boundaries. He is now really starting to work. For a single, Kohli dabs it to third-man. Yadav scores four more runs to complete the over, bringing his total up to match Kohli’s. expensive replacement for Hasan. After 13 overs, they are 2/115. Shakib continues. Rahman made a difficult catch after making the ground after Yadav attempted a slog-sweep but smacked the ball high in the air. Before adding another single, Kohli hits a great stroke through the leg-side for two runs. Yadav manages two runs after just edging it past the keeper. After 12 overs, the score was 2/101; Rahman is now back on the attack. Throughout the entire over, Kohli and Yadav can only manage ones and twos. 11th over: 2/91 after 10: WICKET!!! When Rahul reaches his fifty-first run, the Bangladeshi captain continues bowling, but the very next ball he skys it, giving Rahman an easy catch at short fine-leg. With two runs, Suryakumar Yadav gets the over started. He then plays a wonderful cut shot for a boundary to end it. After 10 overs, the score is 2/86; Islam is back to bowl. Beautiful off-drive by Kohli beats the defender and flies for a boundary. Rahul responds by smacking another front-foot no-ball over mid-on for six runs. Before Rahul hits a spectacular shot over point with another maximum, Islam bowls the following one wide. Rahul adds four more runs to the over with a brilliantly executed cut shot. Major victory for India. 9th over: Shakib Al Hasan now launches an attack for the Tigers at 1/76. Early in the over, Rahul scores three runs before smashing a pull shot past midwicket for a boundary. 8th over: Taskin is back for his last over. 1/52 after 7. After adding two runs with some astute running, Kohli plays a booming drive that is fielded superbly by the short cover fielder to end the game. Taskin bowled a fantastic performance, allowing just 15 runs over the course of his four overs. After seven overs, 1/42 runs, Mustafizur Rahman enters the fray. Rahul makes two runs by driving through the off-side. For a boundary, Kohli directs the ball through the slips. After six minutes, 1/38, Taskin resumes. Kohli nearly avoids the defender as he smashes over cover for a boundary. The following ball, he attempts the huge drive once more and edges it, sending it barely over the top of slip for an additional four runs. Returning fire, Taskin brings it home with four dot balls. After five overs, thirty percent: WICKET! Hasan Mahmud launches an attack shortly after making a catch and starts attacking right away. Sharma throws an ungainly-looking cut shot directly to fielder Yasir Ali, who makes a straightforward grab. Now that he is out at the crease, Virat Kohli quickly scores with a single. Rahul searches for the cut, but instead top-edges it for a boundary that extends to the third-man region. Rahul follows it up with a maximum on the following ball, shooting a stunning cut shot all the way over the fence. 4th over: Taskin continues for the Tigers at 1/22. Sharma attempts a strong swing but fails, then cuts off the back-foot directly to the player at backward-point. Sharma directs the ball down the throat of deep square-leg, but Hasan makes one of the simplest catches you will ever see. Taskin has brought over another top. Shoriful Islam comes in from the other end and bowls a front-foot no-ball with his second delivery, leaving the score at 0/11 after three overs. Rahul misses the opportunity to capitalise on the free strike that was struck on the pads for a dot before slipping the next one to fine-leg for a single. With a swipe to the fine-leg, Sharma starts the ball rolling. Rahul hits a wonderful, clean-hitting flick from the willow that goes over square-leg for six runs. Taskin Ahmed bats first for Bangladesh and scores 0/10 after 2 overs. KL Rahul misses the first four pitches before striking a ball to cover for a single to begin. Rohit Sharma stops the penultimate ball, giving the Tigers a strong start. After 1. 7pm, 0/1: Time for action! This is a big game, and both teams are determined to win. The national anthems have been sung, with India’s opening duo of Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul. The Tigers’ Taskin Ahmed will receive the new ball.

6.30 p.m.: Bangladesh won the toss against India and decided to bowl first.

6 p.m.: The toss is scheduled for 6.30 p.m. AEDT and 6 p.m. local time, leaving little under an hour until play begins at Adelaide Oval.

The whole T20 World Cup score between India and BangladeshIndia vs Bangladesh T20 World Cup full scorecard

Bangladesh innings

Litton Dasr.o. Rahul602773
Najmul Hossain Shantoc. Yadav b. Shami212511
Shakib Al Hasan (c)c. Hooda (sub) b. Singh13122
Afif Hossainc. Yadav b. Singh35
Yasir Alic. Singh b. Pandya13
Nurul HasanNot out251421
Musaddek Hossainb. Pandya621
Taskin AhmedNot out12611
Hasan Mahmuddnb.    
Mustafizur Rahmandnb.    
Shoriful Islamdnb.    
Total6/145 (16)    
Extras4 (2wd 2lb)    
FOW1/68 (Das) 2/84 (Shanto) 3/99 (A.Hossain) 4/100 (Al Hasan) 5/102 (Ali) 6/108 (M.Hossain)    

India bowling

Bhuvneshwar Kumar30270
Arshdeep Singh40382
Mohammed Shami30251
Axar Patel1060
Ravichandran Ashwin20190
Hardik Pandya30282

India innings

Rohit Sharma (c) c. Ali b. Mahmud28
KL Rahulc. Rahman b. Al Hasan503234
Virat KohliNot out644481
Suryakumar Yadavb. Al Hasan30164
Hardik Pandyac. Ali b. Hasan56
Dinesh Karthikr.o. Al Hasan75
Axar Patelc. Al Hasan b. Hasan761
Ravichandran AshwinNot out13611
Bhuvneshwar Kumardnb.    
Arshdeep Singhdnb.    
Mohammad Shamidnb.    
Total6/184 (20)    
Extras6 (2wd 3nb 1lb)    
FOW1/11 (Sharma) 2/78 (Rahul) 3/116 (Yadav) 4/130 (Pandya) 5/150 (Karthik) 6/157 (Patel)    

Bangladesh bowling

Taskin Ahmed40150
Shoriful Islam40570
Hasan Mahmud40473
Mustafizur Rahman40310
Shakib Al Hasan40332

When is India vs Bangladesh T20 World Cup?

India and Bangladesh will play each other on Wednesday, November 2nd at Adelaide Oval. 

The match is scheduled to begin at 7pm AEDT. 

India vs Bangladesh T20 World Cup TV channel, live stream, start time

 AustraliaNew ZealandUKUSACanadaIndia
TV Fox CricketSky Sport NZSky SportsWillow TVWillow CanadaStar Sports
StreamingKayoSkyGoSky GoHotstarHotstarStar Sports
Start time7pm AEDT9pm NZDT9am BST4am EST4am EST1.30pm IST