In a futuristic Super Bowl halftime show, pregnant Rihanna shines.

In a futuristic Super Bowl halftime show, pregnant Rihanna shines.
In a futuristic Super Bowl halftime show, pregnant Rihanna shines.

Rihanna has already established herself as a highly successful artist with a net worth of more than $1 billion, as well as a business magnate as of last year.
On Sunday, he added a Super Bowl halftime performance to his resume.

Rihanna stormed the State Farm Stadium stage in Glendale, Arizona, in her most major performance in seven years, with a spectacular production that showed her diverse R&B rhythms and appealing pop compositions. Of course, she has her own sense of style.
Rihanna will be 35 next week. She opened the 13-minute performance with “Bitch Better Have My Money,” as a group of white jumpsuit-clad dancers shimmied below her.
But Rihanna has another surprise in store.
Is Rihanna pregnant again?
Rihanna’s throbbing classics, including “Rude Boy,” “Wild Thoughts,” and a smouldering “Work,” flowed in succession as she swept past her dancers with fluid steps on the red-lit stage to match her loose Loewe dress that displayed a baby bulge.
During the occasion, the question “Is Rihanna pregnant again?” came up on Google Trends while Rihanna softly stroked her belly, sparked popular curiosity. Her representative informed The Associated Press that she was pregnant after the show.
In interviews before to the game, Rihanna said that she was “thinking about” inviting a special guest to her performance, hinting that the performance would be her debut.
The sophisticated camera setup, which offered a view of the stage from above as Rihanna strutted through “Pour It Up” and then added some twerking, was favourably appreciated by TV viewers.
As the opening notes of “Run This Town” flowed into “Umbrella,” it may have been time for Jay-Z to enter, but instead, Rihanna’s backing band and the crowd of dancers surrounding her as she soared to the air on her floating platform once again.
She performed “Diamonds” with enthusiasm, clearly relishing the bright light display around her, and the crowd cheered spontaneously.
According to the Recording Industry Association of America, the Barbadian diva has a number of multi-platinum singles, including “Work,” which has sold 9 million copies, and “Umbrella,” which has sold 8 million copies. She sought to weave as many of her 14 No. 1 songs as she could into her Super Bowl performance.
Since the release of Rihanna’s most recent album, “Anti,” in 2016, fans have hypothesised that her Super Bowl performance would be accompanied by brand-new songs or, at the very least, her first tour since the album’s release.
Since “Anti,” Rihanna has spent the most of her time promoting her 2017 venture, Fenty Beauty. According to Forbes, Robyn Fenty, the singer and entrepreneur born Robyn Fenty, has a net worth of $1.7 billion as a consequence of the success of Fenty and Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty lingerie brand, which debuted in 2018.
In May of last year, she gave birth to a kid with her longtime partner A$AP Rocky. Despite the fact that Rihanna has often kept information about her kid secret, she shared a TikTok video in December showing her infant smiling and yawning in the backseat of a vehicle.
Rihanna made her musical return with the song “Lift Me Up” from “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” in 2017. The song is nominated for best original song at the Oscars on March 12, although it was lost by “Naatu Naatu” (from the film “RRR”) at the Golden Globes.
While some have questioned Rihanna’s choice to sing at the 2023 Super Bowl, given her unwillingness to accept an offer in 2019 in solidarity with the socially ostracised quarterback Colin Kaepernick, it’s likely that Jay-job Z’s as an NFL consultant had a factor. When Rihanna was 16, he helped sign her to Def Jam Records and had a massive success with her on the Grammy-winning “Umbrella.” He worked with the NFL to increase the league’s cultural impact. Rihanna maintains a household brand because to Jay-Roc Z’s Nation record label and entertainment company.

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