Iggy Azalea joins OnlyFans and pledges to provide "unapologetically hot" uncensored content

Iggy Azalea joins OnlyFans and pledges to provide “unapologetically hot” uncensored content

As part of her year-long multimedia project “Hotter Than Hell,” rapper Iggy Azalea has joined OnlyFans and plans to provide a stream of exclusive and uncensored images, videos, music, artwork, and poems.

Azaela’s planned fourth studio album, scheduled for release this summer, will include the “Hotter Than Hell X OnlyFans” collaboration, her first artistic endeavour in more than a year and a half. OnlyFans (onlyfans.com/iggyazalea) subscriptions will cost $25 per month, and they will get users early access to material from Azalea’s “Hotter Than Hell” album, which will end in December 2023 with the publication of a coffee-table book that will be sold separately.

Azalea has had a change of heart after insisting less than two years ago that she would never join OnlyFans. She said in a statement that cooperating with OnlyFans allows her to escape the “overwhelming and artistically restricting restrictions” of other digital platforms.

I’ll admit that I had no idea OnlyFans existed as a creative outlet, therefore I hadn’t anticipated working with them on my largest endeavour to yet. According to a statement sent to Variety by Azalea. “Once I went beyond the superficial chitchat about what being an OnlyFans signifies, I saw it was the ideal venue to introduce a multimedia notion. I’m happy that I won’t have to worry about the burdensome and artistically restricting censorship that creators must deal with when sharing their work on other digital platforms. Both the idea and this cooperation are audacious and enjoyable, and I believe they’ll surprise a lot of people.

The project is described in the “Hotter Than Hell” announcement as “unapologetically hot” and based on “creative, colourful, tongue-in-cheek fun.” According to the announcement, Azalea will collaborate with renowned producers and photographers on the project, which draws visual inspiration from “the supermodels of the ’90s, Pamela Anderson, the conception of the centrefold model, sexuality and its differing viewpoints between men and women, and Madonna’s ‘Sex’ book.”

The rapper’s team further unveiled a picture of her to support the release of “Hotter Than Hell X OnlyFans”:

A representative for OnlyFans claims that the corporation is not sponsoring Azalea’s “Hotter Than Hell” project.

Along with Cardi B, Blac Chyna, Bella Thorne, Bhad Bhabie, Denise Richards, and Carmen Electra, Azalea, 32, is the newest star to sign up with OnlyFans. The fan-subscription service, which debuted in 2016, has made a name for itself as a place where adult performers may post X-rated video, while the business is also aggressively trying to attract non-porn content providers. For its fiscal year 2021, OnlyFans reported staggering total revenues of $4.8 billion, $3.86 billion of which went to the company’s inventors.

Azalea has previously categorically denied having any interest in opening an OnlyFans account. She tweeted, “I believe only fans may be incredibly inspiring for individuals, but I WILL NEVER, EVVVER join,” in April 2021. I don’t want to create that kind of stuff, and it just screws up the bag for those who genuinely care about that life, she added. Shoutout to the villains, however!

In a rumoured eight-figure agreement in 2022, Azalea sold Domain Capital Group a piece of her master recording and publishing collection. “I don’t have to work another day in my life,” she said in a tweet about the transaction.

Azalea and Pitbull played together in 85 statewide sold-out gigs over the course of the last 15 months, as well as 12 festival appearances throughout the globe. “Fancy” (with Charli XCX) and “Black Widow,” two No. 1 singles internationally, were out of her first album “The New Classic” from 2014. (featuring Rita Ora). On Ariana Grande’s number-one “Problem” the same year, Azalea made her appearance.

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