How Matt Rife, a comedian from Columbus, rose to fame

How Matt Rife, a comedian from Columbus, rose to fame

Comedian Matt Rife used to perform in front of two dozen people in little bars all around the nation two years ago. The native of Columbus debuts on Netflix today.

Why it matters: With over 25 million followers on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok, Rife is regarded as one of the hottest comedians in the world.

Flashback: Rife was thinking of giving up comedy after more than ten years of doing standup until one of his videos became popular on TikTok.

• In the amusing video “The Lazy Hero,” which debuted on July 30, 2022, Rife engages with a viewer who believes her ex-boyfriend, who works in an emergency center, is indolent.

• “Oh, I’m sorry, you broke up with a hero?” In the video, which has received over 40 million views, Rife makes jokes.

The twist: Rife’s self-released specials and the fully booked “Problemattic World Tour” are her follow-up initiatives. The tour continues through October 2024.

Zoom in: Rife is no stranger to Northeast Ohio; just this past weekend, she performed to packed houses at Cleveland’s Hilarities and the Akron Civic Theatre in October.

• Last month, he also spoke as a guest speaker at the Forbes Under 30 Summit held at Public Auditorium.

What they’re saying: Rife told the Under 30 Summit audience, “I was really contemplating quitting comedy, moving back to Ohio, and getting a normal job, July of last year.”

• “You have to be grateful for the moments that you have and understand the work you’ve put in to be where you’re at and understand that work doesn’t stop when you get to where you are now.”

What’s coming up next: In “Matt Rife: Natural Selection,” Rife talks about anything from his love for elderly folks “shaped like candy canes” to dealing with trolls on social media.

• The dates in Detroit on February 9–10 and in Pittsburgh on April 25 are the closest Rife will go to Cleveland in 2024.

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