How Did Niall Horan & Chance the Rapper Fare as Coaches on the 'The Voice' Season 23 Premiere? (POLL)

How Did Niall Horan & Chance the Rapper Fare as Coaches on the ‘The Voice’ Season 23 Premiere? (POLL)

On Monday, March 6, The Voice officially resumed for its 23rd season. Niall Horan, a former member of One Direction, and Chance the Rapper joined as new coaches.

The new newcomers, who joined seasoned veteran Blake Shelton and returning coach Kelly Clarkson, undoubtedly made a mark with their distinctive approaches to the competition. Blake welcomed them at the studio in the first minutes of the premiere and gave them a brief summary while making fun of the fact that it was his house.

Of course, a fresh season of The Voice wouldn’t be complete without Blake giving the rookies a hard time, and during the Blind Auditions, he used his short-term future on the show to persuade singers to join his side. Because of this, Niall and Chance were compelled to compete fiercely for any vocalists they hoped to sign for their respective teams.

Although Blake may have given them a hard time, Niall emerged as a clear rival, making every effort to win over vocalists to his side rather than the on-site country star. Chance kept things a bit more relaxed in the process, connecting with talent during the Blind Auditions with a little less urgency than his colleague recruit, even though he was able to start developing his squad.

Even though it’s just the first episode, the introduction of Niall and Chance has already established the direction the season will go. What did you think of their first coaching gig? Vote in the poll below and don’t miss The Voice as Season 23 continues on NBC to let us know what you think.

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