Ana de Armas who plays Marilyn Monroe in the Netflix film "Blonde"

How Ana de Armas transformed into Marilyn Monroe and the controversies

A biopic of Marilyn Monroe that is streaming on Netflix has been getting into a lot of controversy. The move that is called “Blonde” which stars Ana de Armas playing the character of Marilyn Monroe has been making waves for its position as Netflix’s first NC-17 original film.

Blonde was written and directed by Andrew Dominik is based on the 2000’s novel Joyce Carol Oates. Blonde is not really a traditional biopic, but it blurs the lines between fact and fiction. It tells the viewers the story of how a women Norma Jeane Baker transformed into becoming the celebrity we know as Marilyn Monroe. The film is featured in the 1950’s and 60’s.

The controversial star and director have given statements saying that the movie is supposed to create controversy and discomfort.

The movie is supposed to leave the viewers thinking of what really happened and what is still happening. Blonde has also gathered a reputation of being very graphic with a lot of A rated scenes with scenes of nudity, abortion, abuse, happy sex, and unhappy sex.  The most controversial scene being the one with Vaginal POV and scenes with a conversation with a fetus.

Apparently, it took a lot of effort transforming Ana de Armas into Marilyn Monroe. The head of the hair department and make up department spent two and a half hours each morning applying hair and makeup to Armas. They applied a silicon cap not the usual bald cap as Armas’s hair was dark and thick. They knew that a regular bald cap would not survive so the made 3 silicon caps to use each day. Along with this they gave ana blue contact lenses and fake eyelashes to perfect the shape of the eyes. They created over 100 looks for Armas though in the final cut only 50-60 were seen.  

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