Herschel Walker

Walker and Cruz to campaign in Georgia amid fresh abortion accusation

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker will return to the campaign road Thursday amid a new claim that he pushed a woman into having an abortion with less than two weeks until Election Day and record early voting in Georgia.

Republican leaders supported Walker despite the new accusation upsetting one of the midterms’ tightest and most important races. After the initial set of charges from another lady, the former football star disputed the latest account.

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz will campaign for Walker during at least three stops on his bus tour of Georgia. Cruz comes in Georgia two weeks after GOP Sens. The party’s Senate campaign chair, Rick Scott of Florida, and Tom Cotton of Arkansas did the same to show unity amid the first woman’s claims.

The newest surprise came at a crucial point in a contest crucial to both parties’ aspirations of securing a majority in a 50-50 Senate. Most polls show Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, who is running for a full six-year term, with a slight advantage against Walker in the closing stretch.

Walker’s ex-girlfriend accused him of supporting the treatment and paying for it. He called the woman’s assertion a “flat-out lie,” but when shown a copy of the check she said paid for her abortion, he admitted it was his signature, though he didn’t know what it was for. According to The New York Times, Walker later tried to get her a second abortion.

She refuses and had a son who seldom sees his father. We haven’t verified the first woman’s claims. Publicly, she’s nameless.

On Wednesday afternoon, a woman who alleges she was in a years-long love connection with Walker told a news conference that he coerced her into getting an abortion in 1993.

Jane Doe gave her statement at the news conference with her lawyer, Gloria Allred. She was heard but not seen.

Doe, a registered independent who voted for Trump, told reporters she disclosed her tale now to expose Walker’s duplicity and her conviction that he is not “morally suitable to be a US senator.”

“He has publicly taken the position that he is about life and against abortion under any condition but in fact he urged me to get an abortion and personally guaranteed that it occurred by taking me to the clinic and paying for it,” said Doe.

Walker indicated he favoured exceptions to anti-abortion legislation during his discussion with Warnock, but he has said he supports a total ban, including this summer and last week, according to CNN.

Walker termed the new claim “false” during a Georgia campaign event before the news conference.

“I previously informed folks this is a lie, and I’m not going to tolerate, perpetuate a lie. Walker said that Democrats are doing and saying anything they can to gain the Senate seat.

“I’m done with this stupidity,” Walker remarked Wednesday night. I won’t believe any of this.”

“Herschel Walker is a hypocrite, and he is not suited to be a US senator,” Doe declared during the news conference. Herschel Walker opposes abortion, but he pressured me to get one.”

Walker was a Dallas Cowboy when Doe started seeing him in 1987. She travelled to watch him traded to the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles. She stated he was married throughout.

Allred showed Walker’s “H”-signed personal cards to Doe to counter his assertion that he never did.

Allred also read Walker’s claimed answering machine message and showed a photo of Walker in Doe’s Minnesota hotel bed and the hotel bill. On Wednesday, Allred supplied evidence of Doe and Walker’s relationship but not the abortion claim.

Doe reported being pregnant with Walker’s kid in April 1993.

“Herschel persuaded me to get an abortion and offered me the money after multiple conversations about the pregnancy. “I went to a Dallas clinic but couldn’t do it, I left the clinic in tears,” she said.

She stated Walker grew agitated when she lost her nerve.

“Drove me to the clinic the next day and waited for hours in the parking lot until I came out,” she added. “I was sad because I felt forced into having the abortion.”

Democrats have handled Walker’s abortion issues cautiously. Warnock, in particular, has avoided directly commenting on the women’s claims, instead alluding to Walker’s “problem with the truth,” a message repeated by Rachel Petri, his deputy campaign manager, in a statement Wednesday that said, “Herschel Walker has a problem with the truth, a problem answering questions, and a problem taking responsibility for his actions.”

“Today’s new research is only the latest example of a worrying pattern we have seen play out time and again,” Petri said. “Herschel Walker shouldn’t represent Georgians in the U.S. Senate.”

Warnock’s team has grown more willing to weaponize the charges as the contest heats up. In its “Hypocrite” commercial, a narrator says, “For you, Herschel Walker wants to outlaw abortion,” before turning to Walker’s soundbites and a newscaster outlining the first woman’s accusations that he paid for her abortion.