Halle Berry's response to an ageist tweet about her most recent nude photo was impeccable

Halle Berry’s response to an ageist tweet about her most recent nude photo was impeccable

Halle Berry follows her own wishes.

The 56-year-old actress made Instagram jealous on April 8 when she posted a lovely naked image of herself enjoying a glass of wine on a romantic wrought-iron balcony, her brown hair falling loosely over one shoulder. One follower said, “Looks like a cover from a romantic novel, one where a woman fell in love with herself completely.” It was all very Under the Tuscan Sun of her.

But not everyone was as appreciative of the artistic nude. One Twitter user remarked on the social networking site, “Imagine being in your 50s, still posting nudes for attention in menopause when you should be chilling with your grandkids.” “Aging with grace is a thing of the past.”

I do what I wanna do, Berry’s initial Instagram caption, was clearly not read by this individual. Berry still tweeted a quotation from the offensive article along with a quick fun fact to demonstrate how little she cares about the unwelcome statement. “Did you guys know the heart of a prawn is located in its head,” she retorted on April 9.

Berry’s tweet received the following response from Audra McDonald: “You won the internet today with this clap back.”

By now, cyberbullies should be aware of Berry’s commitment to teaching young people how to accept themselves. The Oscar winner posted a series of post-shower selfies with a fogged-up mirror on March 22. The cheerful pictures were captioned, “Hump day self love.” In a photo taken in lacy black knickers on her 56th birthday in August 2022, she said, “Feeling so much thanks and love on this birthday! WOW!”

Halle Berry spoke candidly with AARP about her views on ageing in January 2022. She said, “We’re all going to age. “Our skin will shrivel up, and we will seem different. My looks and physique are changing, but I’ve never placed all my eggs in one basket. I’ve always understood that beauty goes beyond the physical form one is in.

“I refuse to turn into someone who only tries to hold on to a youthful face and not embrace what’s most important about being beautiful—how you live your life, how you give back to others, how you connect with people, how you strengthen your mind, body, and soul and nourish yourself, how you give in a meaningful way of yourself,” Berry continued. The most attractive individuals have an internal glow.

The following are the likely next words Berry’s Twitter troll should jot down: Women are informed that they are no longer important after they reach a certain age, she said. “I have the opposing view. As we become elderly, society should see us as diamonds. Because we get more powerful as we age as women.

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