Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors visit San Quentin once more

The first SQ game for the 2022 NBA Championship franchise since 2019.
For the first time since the pandemic, the Golden State Warriors and San Quentin Warriors squared off.

Golden State Warriors personnel, including players, coaches, and support staff, visited San Quentin State Prison on Friday, Sept. 16, to continue their ten-year conflict.

The illustrious guests were taken to the courts by San Quentin Sergeant Jamesha Graves, where the home team was already warming up and preparing for the match. The crowd was excited for the game and to meet the visitors, some of whom were well-known.

Aaron “Showtime” Taylor, who served 26 years in prison before being released from San Quentin in October 2020, went back to the basketball court where he had once called games for the San Quentin Warriors. The guys met him with hugs, kisses, and smiles as he descended the hill to the lower yard, where he ultimately took up residence at the announcers’ table. He had the crowd in fits of laughter and jeers thanks to his sharp wit and thorough understanding of the game and its players.

When the ceremony took place, San Quentin’s very own jailed press/media team from San Quentin News and documentary film crews were present in full force, making sure to get reactions from the populace. They also spoke with the visitors from the Golden State Warriors about their visits to the first prison in California to play basketball.

Warden in San Quentin During the intermission, Ron Broomfield made a ceremonial free-throw shot. He joined the large crowd of onlookers who were watching the Golden State Warriors and San Quentin Warriors trade steals, layups, three-pointers, and dunks.

I truly want to thank the Golden State Warriors team for participating in this unique event year after year, Broomfield added. The community and staff anxiously anticipate the event, and we intend to defeat them the next year.

Since their last contest, the Golden State Warriors have reclaimed the championship.
With numerous lead changes and some dunks by Golden State Warriors player development coach Noel Hightower, the game was entertaining.

Danielle Langford, the player rehabilitation manager for the Golden State Warriors, and Hannah Heiring, a data analyst, also contributed to the victory by making multiple three-pointers and forcing mistakes that Golden State seized on.

The Golden State Warriors barely prevailed in this year’s contest, 83-65 being the final score. The Golden State Warriors still have a winning record after losing their final game of the year, but the San Quentin Warriors promise to keep making baskets.

Following the game, Sgt. Graves gave the guests a tour of the hospital, the North Block housing complex, and the important Alfredo Santos mural in the dining hall.