Climate Change

Floods, Storms, and Hurricanes – The effects of Climate change we saw this year

We all know about climate change and how its effects are drastically affecting our world. There are many factors that are causing all these negative effects on the ecosystem some that we know and some that we don’t. One of the biggest causes are the amount of pollution we are creating whether it be through cars, factories or generating electricity.  Then to make matters worse we are cutting down so many trees and forests across the world. All this is causing the planet to heat up and the average temperature of the planet is increasing every year. This heat is causing the polar ice caps to melt and water level to rise all over the world. These temperature changes are changes weather patterns all over. The summers are getting hotter, and the winters are getting colder, and the monsoon rains are getting stronger, and the timing and intensity of these weather patterns are changing effecting the farming and agriculture that we depend on to survive.

Just this year we have noticed that floods have caused so much damage across Asia and Europe millions of people have lost their homes and are forced to live in camps. The summers this year were even worse. The whole of Europe faced a heat wave that they had never faced before. People were seen jumping into lakes, ponds, rivers, and decorative water bodies in public parks just to cool down and beat the heat. Rivers were drying up and the entire marine wildlife ecosystems were drastically affected. The heat wave also caused drought in so many areas and farmers lost millions of dollars’ worth of crop due to the intense heat and lack of water. Some places in Asia suffered the same consequences but matters worsened do to the late monsoon but when the monsoon came it came with such high intensity it caused floods.