Final Leaderboard, Total Purse, and Payouts for the 2023 Masters

Final Leaderboard, Total Purse, and Payouts for the 2023 Masters

When the Masters’ entire prize money is given out on the Sunday after the competition in 2023, records will be broken again again.

The overall prize for this year is $18 million, an increase of $3 million from the total purse in 2022, and winner Jon Rahm will earn $3.24 million this year compared to $2.7 million last year.

As the Masters seeks to stay up with the Joneses, the prize has increased by a total of $6.5 million over the previous two years. It continues to have the lowest prize pool of any PGA Tour competition; Scottie Scheffler won $4.5 million at The Players Championship in 2023, which had the largest purse at $25 million.

This year’s tournament has concluded after repeated weather delays at Augusta National, where it was briefly doubtful if play would end on Sunday as planned.

But this year in Augusta, there were other noteworthy events as well. At the Masters on Sunday, Phil Mickelson shot 65, his lowest score in a final round ever. And regrettably, Tiger Woods pulled out of the competition early on Sunday, claiming a recurrence of plantar fasciitis.

The fact that Rahm won his first-ever green jacket in his eighth Masters appearance was, of course, the greatest news of the weekend. On Sunday’s third round, which had been postponed due to bad weather, Rahm was four strokes behind 42-hole leader Brooks Koepka. However, Rahm put on a clinic and eventually won by four shots.

Koepka and Phil Mickelson shared second place.

Let’s look at the earnings that Rahm, Mickelson, and Koepka, along with the other top 50 golfers, will get after the 87th Masters.

The prize money is divided equally among the tied golfers, of whom there were many at the top, not just at second. As a result, Mickelson and Koepka each received nearly $1.6 million after splitting the average of the second- and third-place payouts.

2023 Masters Total Payouts

Win: $3.24 million

2nd: $1.944 million

3rd: $1.224 million

4th: $864,000

5th: $720,000

6th: $648,000

7th: $603,000

8th: $558,000

9th: $522,000

10th: $486,000

11th: $450,000

12th: $414,000

13th: $378,000

14th: $342,000

15th: $324,000

16th: $306,000

17th: $288,000

18th: $270,000

19th: $252,000

20th: $234,000

21st: $216,000

22nd: $201,600

23rd: $187,200

24th: $172,800

25th: $158,400

26th: $144,000

27th: $138,600

28th: $133,200

29th: $127,800

30th: $122,400

31st: $117,000

32nd: $116,000

33rd: $106,200

34th: $101,700

35th: $97,200

36th: $92,700

37th: $88,200

38th: $84,600

39th: $81,000

40th: $77,400

41st: $73,800

42nd: $70,200

43rd: $66,600

44th: $63,000

45th: $59,400

46th: $55,800

47th: 52,200

48th: $49,320

49th: 46,800

50th: $45,360

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