Ezra Miller Makes His First Post-Allegations Appearance in 'The Flash' Trailer

Ezra Miller Makes His First Post-Allegations Appearance in ‘The Flash’ Trailer

Ezra Miller Makes First Post-Allegations Appearance in “The Flash” Trailer

Warner Bros. has finally debuted the first full-length The Flash trailer during the Super Bowl advertisements after an incredibly difficult route to release. After making their debut as the DC character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, Ezra Miller, who has “begun continuing therapy” after a string of violent events, starred in the movie.
The new teaser shows Barry Allen (Miller), nicknamed The Flash, striving to keep his mother alive in a different reality so he may bring her back to the one he is presently in. And while doing so, Barry keeps bumping with a different version of himself, who is perplexed as to why there is another Flash running amok in several universes.

Barry narrates, “Time has a pattern that it can’t help living.” “Diverse individuals from different worlds are pulled to one another like magnets.”
However, in the process of trying to rescue his mother, Barry ends up wiping out all superhumans, including Ben Affleck’s Batman, who makes an appearance in this teaser. There may be no way to rescue the universe if The Flash and The Batman are unable to save the day.
One Batman, played by Michael Keaton, who hasn’t appeared since 1992’s Batman Returns, is at least still around to assist. The greatest surprise in the teaser is a glimpse of Keaton’s legendary portrayal of the caped crusader, which even the two Barrys find shocking since they can’t believe who they’re witnessing. (Barry from the other, superhuman-free universe even spills and destroys his cup.)
In an act of fan service for those who adored the Tim Burton Batman films, Keaton will join the squad to assist in repairing the planet. The debut of Supergirl in this DC Universe is also fan service-y. Before the team of Batman, the Flashes, and Sasha Calle’s cousin, Superman, are able to enlist her assistance, she looks to be being kept captive.
The Flash has a bit of a black cloud hanging over it, despite the fact that new DC boss James Gunn called it “quite probably the finest DC movie ever done.” Miller has gained notoriety in recent months for his violent outbursts, including a “abusive” relationship with 18-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes, who was given an order of protection against the actor.
Miller’s troubles started in 2020, when the actor choked a lady and pushed her to the ground in Iceland. Then, in 2022, they were detained twice in Hawaii for disruptive behaviour after throwing different objects at customers of a bar.
DC reevaluated their The Flash release plan as a result of these numerous criticisms. While fans are calling for the part to be replaced (as with Grant Gustin, who portrayed the same role in The CW’s series of the same name, for example), DC has been trying over the past several months to save The Flash (a $200 million production) and Miller’s public image. But the franchise cooperated with Miller to preserve their reputation rather than severing relations.
In an August 2021 statement to The Daily Beast, Miller claimed, “Having just gone through a moment of extreme distress, I now recognise that I am suffering from complicated mental health difficulties and have started continuing therapy.” “I want to apologise to everyone I’ve shocked and disturbed by my previous actions. I’m determined to putting in the time and effort required to return to a stage of my life that is safe, secure, and productive.
On June 16, The Flash had its theatrical debut.

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