Everything Kelsea Ballerini discusses in her new album about her divorce from Morgan Evans

Everything Kelsea Ballerini discusses in her new album about her divorce from Morgan Evans
Everything Kelsea Ballerini discusses in her new album about her divorce from Morgan Evans

Kelsea Ballerini is expressing her divorce from Morgan Evans via music.
The country music artist shares insights that might help explain why her relationship with Evans, another country music artist, came to an end in a surprise short film and EP both titled “Rolling Up the Welcome Mat” that were released on Valentine’s Day. Ballerini wrote and co-directed the six parts of the 20-minute movie (one for each song).

The following is the tale of my healing. My heart is here. I’ll tell it how it is. I’ve never been this open, i’ve never been this arrogant, and i’ve never been this proud of my trade, stated Ballerini on February 14 on Instagram.

In an atmosphere of love and respect, I’m extending the welcome mat. A six-song story and a little film are now accessible. greetings for Valentine’s Day.
Ballerini and Evans came to know one another while serving as co-hosts of the 2016 Australia Country Music Channel Awards. At age 24, fewer than two years after meeting Evans, Ballerini was engaged. The country music celebrities were married for five years before separating in 2022.
In January, Ballerini seemed to confirm her connection with “Outer Banks” actor Chase Stokes.
Evans and Ballerini have already spoken about the breakup. According to Evans, going through a divorce on the CMA red carpet is “lonely.” Ballerini said that continuing to perform would be “such a disservice and a dishonouring of oneself” in a portion of the podcast Tell Me About It With Jade Iovine.
In an interview with People, Ballerini said that “Rolling Up the Welcome Mat” was her way of “letting her feelings out of her body.” After her most recent album, “SUBJECT TO CHANGE,” was released in 2022, an unexpected short film was released.
I wish I had known about these six tracks a year ago. It’s about the complex feelings that come with going through a big change at a young age, she says. “Since I was able to express my feelings via singing, it was the easiest way I could have dealt with it.
The following is what we learned about Kelsea Ballerini’s breakup from her lyrics.
The EP’s lyrics include references to various phases of Ballerini’s breakup with Evans.
I’m still wearing the ring, but I assume I’m lying, Ballerini sings. “Sometimes you forget yours,” she continues. When I was 23 I think you liked me much better. This, in my opinion, is where things come to an end for me.
She recognises a new dead end.
You’re going to think I’m crazy for leaving first. “I feel that this is the moment at which things conclude for me because you didn’t do that last journey to visit me,” scream the child. “I’m giving up easy like my parents, exactly like them.” through song.
Married purely
“I don’t think I lied when I stated I wanted that life,” the song’s first lyric reads. “Perhaps I was too young to know what I wanted to begin with.”
The song implies that she kept her position as a “recently married” woman despite their growing distance: “Long distance messaging, make-up-for-time sex / Tired of wondering when I’ll see you again / I’m too furious to debate, so I stare and cry / At the picture of us wearing white / Just married,” the song’s lyrics continue.
The song “Penthouse,” which is about leaving the home the two shared and beginning again, is the inspiration for the EP’s title.
Additionally, she alludes to the domestic humour of the couple’s relationship in the song: Even though we played the role five nights in a row, we weren’t there on the weekends, honey, so don’t call it “playing home,” we said. She wonders what his genuine sentiments are for her: We got along well, but once I left town, did you not like me?
She sings in “Penthouse,” “It hurts putting s— in a box / And now we don’t talk / And it hurts rolling up the welcome mat / Knowing you got half,” and other similar lines.
The next song, “Interlude,” has Ballerini having trouble with the whole public finding out about their breakup. “The rumours floating ’round, but the truth is very complex / I want to make it right, but my lawyer says I shouldn’t / And ain’t it like this town to simply condemn a lady,” the song’s lyrics continue.
When blindsided, “Ballerini wonders if her partner expected the separation and how he could have missed it,” according to the movie “Blindsided.”
“I know the truth is hard to hear, but it wasn’t hard to uncover,” she sings in the song “Blindsided.” “Baby, were you blindsided, or were you just blind?” she asks.
A another way to phrase this might be: “Since you were always right, was there ever anything wrong? Did that surprise you, or were you just deaf?
Just Take Me Again
The last song on the EP, “Leave Me Again,” shows how much Ballerini has changed after her breakup. In the song’s lyrics, she cautions herself against letting a relationship make her lose sight of her identity.
She says in her song, “I wish I never leave myself again.” The shoe first fit, but ultimately I outgrew it. By sticking, I was able to become quite skilled at acting.

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