During "SNL," Kelsea Ballerini sings her cover of Morgan Evans' "Blindsided" with a new verse.

During “SNL,” Kelsea Ballerini sings her cover of Morgan Evans’ “Blindsided” with a new verse.

Last weekend, when Kelsea Ballerini performed for the first time on “Saturday Night Live,” she ascended to the pinnacle of late-night television.

During the prestigious sketch comedy programme, the country-pop hitmaker performed two songs, including a moving piano-and-vocals version of “Penthouse,” a highlight track from the singer’s unexpected post-divorce Album that premiered last month. After almost five years of marriage, Ballerini, 29, and fellow musician Morgan Evans divorced in August.

Ballerini sang, “Kissed someone new last night / But now I don’t know where you’re sleeping, darling / We got along real good, till I wanted out, now I know you hate me,” while wearing all-white clothing.

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Ballerini sang “Blindsided,” another song from her “Welcome Mat” album, earlier in the performance. Behind a blue and white screen, a dancer in shadow replicated the singer’s performance while a six-piece band provided the music. In the middle of the song, she added a new lyric that seemed to reference Evans’ brand-new breakup song, “Over for You,” adding a bit more gasoline to her post-divorce creative fire.

Ballerini sang the following towards the conclusion of “Blindsided,” “Now you’re singin’ it loud on the air like you’re the only heart that tears / You would’ve sought the entire globe over? Absolutely, OK.

Ballerini joined tight end Travis Kelce, who made his hosting debut on this week’s episode of “SNL,” on the show. Kelce had just won his second Super Bowl.

Added “SNL”:

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