Donald Glover claims he’s ‘too old to play Spider-Man anymore’

Don’t expect Donald Glover to sling webs anytime soon.

The actor, singer, and comedian has a long relationship with Spider-Man, dating back to 2010, when he and his fans organized an internet campaign to secure him an audition for Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man. The part eventually went to Andrew Garfield, but Glover has since carved out his own space in the Spider-Verse, appearing as Miles Morales’ uncle Aaron in Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017 and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse last year. Glover now admits that he is probably “too old” to portray Spidey — but he wouldn’t be shocked if he was asked to return to the Spider-Verse.

Donald Glover and his Mr. & Mrs. Smith costar Maya Erskine took Vanity Fair’s Lie Detector Test, in which Erskine questioned her co-star whether he believed his recent Spider-Verse appearance was “Sony’s way of apologizing for not casting you as Spider-Man.”

“No!” Glover said with a chuckle. “I don’t believe they ever considered it. There will undoubtedly be a Miles Morales live-action film, and I believe they are more interested with my role as Prowler or something like. “I’m too old to be Spider-Man anymore.”

Glover just made a short live-action appearance in the animated feature Across the Spider-Verse. (It occurs when Miles Morales wanders about the Spider-Society and discovers that Glover’s version of Prowler has been imprisoned.) Glover is also experiencing a full-circle moment. The actor not only voiced Miles in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, but Miles’ cocreator Brian Michael Bendis has said that the Community scene in which Glover wears Spider-Man pajamas influenced him in part.

In the meanwhile, Glover is staying busy. In addition to co-starring with Erskine in Amazon Prime Video’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith, he and his brother Stephen Glover are working on a Star Wars film about Lando Calrissian.

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