DJ Khaled releases a video of a painful surfing accident: I'm in a lot of pain.

DJ Khaled releases a video of a painful surfing accident: I’m in a lot of pain.

DJ Khaled had a bad crash while surfing in Florida on Saturday and is now ‘in so much agony’.
The 47-year-old “All I Do Is Win” rapper shared a video of the mishap on Monday. It shows him cruising in the water just before he gets propelled into the air while trying to stand up on his board.

One day after the event, while receiving a massage, he released a video explaining the wipeout.
“I have video of me falling, soaring through the air, and striking a board with my rib. swimming with one’s belly flopped.
He said, “I’m in so much pain.”
On the massage table, he remarked, “I called a doctor; he’s going to come later this evening, just to make sure it ain’t nothing serious.”
“My masseuse claims that it is only a muscle. She notices that the muscle in that place is highly inflamed and agitated.
Khaled shared another update a few hours later showing himself having an X-ray.
He repeated, “I’ve been in pain,” and that he’d had problems sleeping for the previous 48 hours. I’m hoping it’s simply a muscle bruise.
He said, “The pain is high level,” before telling his doctor he was worried about returning to the golf course and insisted he needed to be playing “seven times a week.”
The next day, Khaled provided his fans with another update while playing golf. He revealed that the doctor had informed him that he had a “big, really bad bruise.”
“They reported seeing a little line on one of the bones. They are uncertain whether it is a fracture. They’ll conduct a second inspection. So, even if I really need to rest it, I have to play golf,” he remarked.
Khaled has a history of engaging in risky maritime behaviour, and he previously suffered injuries in a water ski accident in December 2017.
His ski became entangled in fallen tree branches while he was travelling to see Diddy. When he cut himself, he was trying to relocate them by diving into the water.
The trick is to not panic, he said as he posted a photo of his bleeding leg on Instagram at the moment. It’s not a joke, folks. I’m not in fear. All I have to do is work things out. There are obstacles in life. I am stranded on a tree in the water.
He had been riding his water skis in the middle of the night a couple years earlier in 2015 when he had gotten lost at sea.

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