Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' Expands Its Cast With Carol's Daughter Collaboration

Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ Expands Its Cast With Carol’s Daughter Collaboration

There is no one method to create an inclusive brand. However, inclusive companies must adhere to basic ideals in order to legitimately attract a larger and more varied client base.
With the imminent release of the live-action remake of the iconic film, The Little Mermaid, Disney is leaning into many of those themes, including representation and values leadership.

Of course, because Disney hired singer and actress Halle Bailey, who is also Black, as Ariel, representation is an important aspect of the plot.
People were upset that Disney would dare to reinvent the story with a non-white actress, and there was immediate backlash, protests, and even racist insults. Because Disney supports diversity and inclusiveness, the criticism had no effect on their intentions.
With the recent news that the renowned brand has collaborated with Carol’s Daughter as the film’s official hair care brand, Disney is adopting another inclusive marketing approach that is helping them to make a larger audience feel visible and like they belong: cooperation.
It matters who your brand collaborates with.
It’s not enough to get consumers from underrepresented and underprivileged groups to purchase more of your products. It’s about making people feel recognised and included, as well as uplifting their communities, which are far too often marginalised.
From an inclusive marketing approach, many businesses fall short of elevating communities.
Collaborations may help you raise the communities of the consumers you’re aiming to serve in a variety of ways, including partnerships, features, and establishing a diverse workforce and supplier base.
Any brand seldom works entirely on its own. As a result, it’s critical that the individuals with whom your brand works and collaborates be reflective of the people you’re attempting to reach.
Because Disney casts a Black actress as Ariel, a cooperation with a company from the community is a logical continuation of making the Black community and other people of colour feel like they belong.
That is why Disney’s Carol’s Daughter collaboration was such a wise decision. Price is still an important factor in the organisation and is well-known among long-term clients.
Carol’s Daughter has a long history and reputation in the Black community, but it is also popular among those who have textured or curly hair but do not identify as Black.
Thus, the limited edition goods created as part of this collaboration between The Little Mermaid and Carol’s Daughter will not only help bring new audiences to the film and new customers to Carol’s Daughter, but will also strengthen Disney’s display of their dedication to inclusion and diversity.
As your company strives to be more inclusive and attract and keep a more diverse client base, make sure you’re partnering with individuals, companies, and suppliers from the communities you want to target.
Not only will it help you to present yourself to new audiences in a natural and honest manner. But you’ll also serve that community better. It will also allow you to boost the community by collaborating with and/or compensating members of such groups.

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