Dick Van Dyke hurts himself slightly after hitting a fence with a Lexus.

Dick Van Dyke hurts himself slightly after hitting a fence with a Lexus.

Legendary actor Dick Van Dyke was hurt in a vehicle collision last week in Malibu.

The 2018 Lexus LS 500 was being driven by the 97-year-old veteran of the big and small screen, according to TMZ, which broke the news of the collision first.

On March 15, it took place.

He slipped on a slick road and lost control of the automobile, People magazine said. The car then smashed into a fence. According to the article, the region has been receiving record rainfall.

According to TMZ, Van Dyke was bleeding from the lips and nose. He was given medical attention at the site of the collision. He wasn’t sent to a hospital, but was picked up there instead.

According to TMZ, police have asked Van Dyke to take a new driving test because of his advanced age.

Van Dyke, who was driving his Jaguar in Calabasas in the Los Angeles suburbs on August 12, 2013, when the vehicle caught fire, had been in two accidents in the last ten years.

He gained notoriety lately when it was discovered that he was a participant on “The Masked Singer,” according to People. Dick Van Dyke is most known for his appearances in “Mary Poppins,” “Night at the Museum,” “Diagnosis Murder,” and his self-titled television program. On the first episode of season nine, he was revealed to be himself after singing “When You’re Smiling,” a song he had picked with the aid of his wife Arlene Silver.

“When they inquired, I had never even seen the program. As a result, I looked it over and thought it was a lot of fun,” Van Dyke told People. They wouldn’t be able to figure out who I was, I was certain of that. And I was accurate!

Despite having a substantial age gap, Van Dyke and Silver were married in 2012. Silver is 51, while the actor is 97. But because of the music in their life, he gives her credit for helping him stay optimistic.

He told People, “My lovely wife sings every day.” “There’s a lot of duets going on around the house most of the day.”

During the COVID-19 epidemic, according to Silver, she discovered his favorite song.

Silver told People, “I learnt all the songs he knows so I can keep him singing. “Every standard and show song. They are all people I now know that I didn’t know before.

Editor’s note: The account has been updated to reflect that the collision took place on March 15.

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