Carson Wentz

Despite the Commanders’ 1-3 season start, Carson Wentz sees “no panic” in the team.

The Washington Commanders have lost three straight games after winning their first game.

All are urged to maintain their composure by Carson Wentz.

“There is no feeling of urgency. There isn’t any feeling of disorder here “According to Wentz on Wednesday, NBC Sports Washington. “Week 5 is about to begin. We are aware of our playing style, and it wasn’t up to par. But I also know that everyone in that locker room is quite confident. We’ve demonstrated glimpses of our potential. Although there is a sense of urgency, there is by no means panic.”

Although seeing Wentz say this in public is not surprising, it is nonetheless unexpected given how tumultuous events have been in Washington over the past several weeks. Washington scored just nine points per game in its final two games after scoring 27.5 points per game on average in its first two games. Wentz has been under continual pressure, recording a passer rating of just 63.9 while being sacked 11 times in the last two weeks.

The Wentz that most people are familiar with is a frenetic quarterback who rarely feels at ease in the pocket and is frequently running for his life. It’s also a depressing image for a club that is depending on the newcomer to turn things around.

But even as the going gets tougher, Wentz’s teammates won’t say as much and won’t certainly not put the quarterback in the doghouse.

Wentz, who has been sacked more than any other quarterback in the NFL, doesn’t “hang his head in shame,” according to receiver Terry McLaurin. “He honestly believes that he is to fault for much of that. I find that admirable, but we as his supporting cast could also aid him more to make his work a little bit simpler.”

Despite the incessant persecution he has experienced over the past several weeks, Wentz sees a bright side: The Commanders have developed some strong defensive fronts and should be better able to protect him. This weekend, when they play host to the Tennessee Titans, who rank 26th in overall defense but are tied for 12th in sacks, that hypothesis will be put to the test.

“It’s a solid group. excellent defense, excellent coaching “Wentz exclaimed. “They move quickly and make numerous plays. They have an excellent front. We believe we’ve recently faced some pretty strong opposition, so I have no doubt the players will be prepared. We have a difficult task, but it will be enjoyable. This excites me.”

The Commanders’ problems aren’t limited to their offensive; they are allowing 26.8 points per game this year, which ranks fourth in the NFL. It’s a brand-new blemish on the reputation of defensively-minded head coach Ron Rivera, who is in charge of a unit that is surrendering the most points per game since he took over as the Carolina Panthers’ head coach.

After one month, the point differential in the NFL is the worst (-34) due to the offense’s problems.

In order for the Commanders to have a chance at contending in 2022, things must alter — and quickly. They won the NFC East division title in 2020 after going from 1-3 to 7-9, however that is not the same division they are playing in now.

“We must devise a strategy to triumph. There is a limit to patience, “Wentz said. We need to find ways to convert, continue playing, score touchdowns, accumulate points, and ultimately win some games.

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