Damar Hamlin's Super Bowl 2023 jacket is torn up by Adrian Peterson, who calls it "blasphemy."

Damar Hamlin’s Super Bowl 2023 jacket is torn up by Adrian Peterson, who calls it “blasphemy.”

Damar Hamlin’s Super Bowl attire, in Adrian Peterson’s opinion, was sacrilegious.

In a Takashi Murakami “Travis Jesus” jacket that read, “Without the end or the beginning there is no day and there is no night,” Hamlin sat next to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at the 2023 Super Bowl. The back of the jacket had a disturbing image of a cross.

Peterson believed that Hamlin, the Bills safety who had a highly public heart attack while playing against the Bengals in Week 17, was insulting God by wearing the jacket.

“You need to give thanks to God, son!” On Instagram, Peterson added a caption. Blasphemy, that is! But come on dude, we all fail! This offends me, I think! #thankyou #Goddid

From 2007 through 2011, Peterson played running back for the NFL, where he now ranks as the fifth-leading rusher all-time.

Former running back for the Pro Bowl Fred Taylor felt that Peterson ought to have addressed this situation quietly.

Taylor said in the comments, “You should DM him dude.” “I’m sure he’d pay attention to your viewpoint. It serves no one to post it. He is young, and young people often don’t consider their clothing choices, much as those who choose to wear skulls and other non-Christian symbols. Try to contact him.

Hamlin said that he still aspires to play football again in the future around six weeks after his cardiac arrest event.

“Eventually. That’s always the intention, as I previously said, and as a competitor, you know, I’m trying to take steps to improve my position, Hamlin said on Sunday night. I’m putting it in God’s hands, however. I’m simply grateful that he gave me another opportunity.

But up until now, doctors have not placed football above their concerns about Hamlin leading a regular life.

It’s a challenging scenario, Hamlin said. “They can’t really tell because it’s like — it’s up to me or, you know, it’s just — it’s a long road,” the speaker said. All they care about is getting me as close to normal as they can.

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