Xi Jinping under house arrest

Coup in China – Xi Jinping under house arrest

According to social media rumors, China’s President Xi Jinping is under house arrest and General Li Qiaoming is going to be next president. This speculation is coming after two former ministers had been sentenced to death on charges of corruption. Chinese foreign ministry and state media has not confirmed the news yet.  Xi Jinping is the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. He is an authoritative leader of the world’s second largest economy.

If rumors are to be believed then, Xi Jinping has been removed as the head of PLA. Some tweets described that Military movements were seen near Jinping’s residence. Meanwhile 6000 international and domestic flights were also cancelled in China.

He was recently seen attending the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit in Uzbekistan. This was the first time after India-China border clash in 2020, Xi Jinping came face-to-face with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He had left Samarkand on 16 September before the official closing ceremony and was house arrested after landing in Beijing. According to Aadil Brar who is an expert in China stated that Xi Jinping is not attending public affairs due to his quarantine.

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