Chloë Grace Moretz

Chloë Grace Moretz says the memes that went viral made her a recluse

Chloë Grace Moretz the once child actor rose to fame at the age of 12 starring in the superhero film Kick-Ass co-starring with Nicolas Cage. After which she got tons of big roles appearing in Neighbours2, Carrie, and If I stay.

Then a meme was made on the show “Family Guy” which went viral across the internet. The meme depicted her having a small torso and long legs and was manipulated alongside a character from Family Guy called “Legs go all the way up Griffin” which went so viral that it is still circulated today.

Chloë discussed her struggle with body dysmorphia and the anxiety that she went through because of the post. She was scarred by the fact that her body was being used as a joke and her physical features is something that she can’t change. The horrific memes made her feel self-conscious.

Child actors have to grow up at a young age and get used to the paparazzi constantly hovering around them and photographing their every move. Which isn’t easy for a child, and especially after the memes she felt very uncomfortable getting photographed as the trauma of the memes she was always worried that her picture could be morphed and manipulated into something that may scar her further and hamper her reputation.

Chloë even spoke of another instance when she was out with her mother as a child and was followed by 10-15 paparazzi and they pushed and shoved that they ended up pushing her mother onto the street. Luckily she wasn’t hurt but the incident really traumatized little Chloë.

All these incidents have caused major stress and to Chloë even though she is25 now the past stills haunts her and she says that she was the happiest during Covid as she could walk around freely unrecognized in a mask and a hoodie and got to do so many things that she couldn’t have before.

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