Chiefs inform parade attendees that they want to "run it back" the next year.

Chiefs inform parade attendees that they want to “run it back” the next year.

KANSAS CITY, MO With his Super Bowl LVII MVP trophy in one hand and a can of Coors Light in the other, Patrick Mahomes entered the stage in front of Kansas City’s Union Station.
The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback then seized the opportunity to address the gathering of supporters while holding a microphone.

Mahomes said, “I just want to let you all know that this is only the beginning. “We ain’t done yet, so I’ll make sure to hit y’all back next year and I hope the crowd’s the same,” the speaker said. We’re back again. We’re back again. The AFC West said we were rebuilding at the start of this season. I’ll be open and honest with you. What rebuilding entails is beyond me. We are global champions in this year of reconstruction.”
On a cloudy, 40 degree day, Mahomes and the Chiefs had a parade in front of a throng that authorities predicted would number more than 500,000 to celebrate their 38-35 Super Bowl victory over the Philadelphia Eagles and their second championship in four seasons.
At several spots along the parade route, players got out of their open-roofed buses to give spectators high-fives and sign autographs. Security personnel and law enforcement authorities carefully followed Mahomes whenever he did this.
Many of the offensive linemen were sporting jerseys that stated, “0 sacks,” with a huge 0. The Chiefs managed to prevent the Eagles, who had eight more sacks in their first two playoff games after leading the league with 70 during the regular season, from reaching double digits.
While standing in lengthy lines for food trucks, goods trucks, and of course portable toilets, fans were generally cheerful and in high spirits. To get great locations across from Union Station, several folks stayed up late.
However, as the gathering in front of the protest venue became denser, Shellie Diehl, 46, of Kansas City, was sat beside a roadway about a block from Union Station. Her 16-year-old daughter Taylor, her 8-year-old daughter Skyler, and a friend accompanied her.
In 2020, Diehl said, she went to the Chiefs parade and made the decision to spend time with her daughter Skyler in honour of her first parade.
The first one was so much fun that we felt we had to attend this one, Diehl said. We’re huge Chiefs fans, and we wanted to share a special day with the neighbourhood.
Mahomes wasn’t the only Chiefs player to take preseason slights—real or imagined—to heart. Another was tight end Travis Kelce, who said, “The Chiefs will never reach the postseason, according to the critics. Done. \s” In all honesty, this was the most wonderful time of my life. You folks expect that from me. I owe it to the folks here on stage. I owe it to everyone. Is this a dynasty, everyone keeps wondering. It has been a dynasty.”
Each of the last five seasons, the Chiefs have advanced to the AFC Championship Game. On three instances, they were victorious and made it to the Super Bowl; on the other two, they were defeated in the AFC championship game after extra time.
In an attempt to end Kansas City’s six-year winning streak in the AFC West, each of the Chiefs’ three opponents stocked up via free agency, trades, and the draught. Tyreek Hill, a great wide receiver for the Chiefs, was moved, safety Tyrann Mathieu was not re-signed, and six rookies played a big part on defence.
Nevertheless, the Chiefs won the AFC West by four games and concluded the regular season 14-3.
Although general manager Brett Veach agreed that this was not a standard rebuilding season, he said, “In Kansas City, this is what a rebuilding year looks like right here.”
Chris Jones, a defensive lineman, was one among those who was already considering the next season. He led the cry “Run it back” by the crowd.

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