Chandler Parsons' mother reportedly provided him some sage advise on how to guard James Harden, saying, "He's a cunning person."

Chandler Parsons’ mother reportedly provided him some sage advise on how to guard James Harden, saying, “He’s a cunning person.”

Forward Chandler Parsons of the Memphis Grizzlies got a text message from his mother the day before their 2017 matchup with the Houston Rockets. The message was composed of typical motherly advice for her child. Her speech was unique since she provided knowledgeable tips on how to defend James Harden.

Secretive Harden

The screenshot of her mother’s text message was distributed by Parsons. The note, according to USA Today, said, in part: “Hello, my dear. I wish you luck tonight! Come out fighting! Drive firmly and forcefully to the basket. Avoid touching Harden! He is cunning and causes fouls. Usually, he also receives such calls. The Rockets will go to Memphis with a huge grudge! Play strong “D.” aiming with confidence! the ball with an arc.”

The match took place in the middle of January in the NBA season 2016–17. In the end, the Rockets won 119-95. Harden scored 29 points overall, making 7 of 9 field goal attempts, 4 of 6 long-range attempts, and 11 of 12 free throw attempts. Without a doubt, neither Parsons nor the Grizzlies disregarded her counsel.

Rockets-era Harden, James

Undoubtedly, Parsons’ mother is familiar with basketball. Mike D’Antoni became the Rockets’ head coach for the 2016–17 season. Harden developed into the league MVP under D’Antoni, becoming a player who could assist teammates and score on his own. Harden fished and drew fouls like a lunatic when he was playing in Houston. That season, Harden led the NBA with 891 trips to the charity stripe.

As recorded in history, despite Harden’s exceptional individual performances with the Rockets, he was unsuccessful in capturing the coveted Larry O’Brien trophy. When they made it to the Western Conference Finals during the 2017–18 NBA season, they were almost successful. They were just a single victory away from reaching the NBA Finals.

Following his stay in Houston, his classic performances began to be missed by the audience. Harden quickly set to work learning how to play with players like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. He is still working to get along with Joel Embiid while playing for the Philadelphia 76ers. Harden sometimes displays his scoring prowess in the same way he used to. Fans like the trip back to a not-so-distant past that this causes them to have.

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