Brazil vs Switzerland Match Highlights

Brazil vs Switzerland Match Highlights

Casemiro is the world’s best defensive midfielder, says Tite.

Tite stated Neymar was missed in Brazil’s 1-0 win against Switzerland. Casemiro is the best defensive midfielder in the world, since he led Brazil to the World Cup knockout rounds.

Casemiro scored the winning goal in the 83rd minute to follow up their 2-0 triumph over Serbia.

It was Brazil’s first game since Neymar injured his ankle against Serbia, and ESPN sources believe he will miss their third match against Cameroon. Manchester United player Casemiro gave the inspiration to help them advance.

Neymar, who missed the game due to a sickness epidemic, was impressed by Casemiro’s play. After the match, the wounded star tweeted, “Casemiro is the world’s best defensive midfielder.”

Tite was asked if he agreed with Neymar’s position and said, “I usually respect viewpoints and don’t remark, but I will today.” Neymar’s right.

Tite praised Casemiro’s ability in midfield after Brazil’s win at Stadium 974.

“He’s a centre player who surprises from the back,” Tite stated.

The Brazil manager was also quizzed about Neymar. “The system will continue without Neymar. First game without Neymar: Casemiro was Man of the Match. Neymar is unique. He can dribble past players in a beautiful moment. I hope others reach Neymar’s level. We miss Neymar because he’s inventive and offensive. But other athletes took advantage.”

Marquinhos said the team missed Neymar but had enough depth to adapt. Marquinhos: “We know Neymar is a terrific player and makes a difference.” In difficult moments, he takes responsibility and provides possibilities, but we showed we have excellent players to cover for him.

Casemiro was part of the 2018 Brazil team that lost to Belgium in the quarterfinals due to suspension. He believes the 2022 team is stronger.

Casemiro: “Four years have passed, new players.” This year we have more player alternatives. Change our play without changing the team. Substituting gives us more alternatives. Options are better than in 2018″ Younger players are doing well. The defenders are more seasoned, and we didn’t allow any goals. Richarlison starts up front, but he has more choices than in 2018.”

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