Bob Huggins to WLW's Cunningham: Xavier supporters are 'Catholic f--s'

Bob Huggins to WLW’s Cunningham: Xavier supporters are ‘Catholic f–s’

An employee of WLW-AM (700) verified to The Enquirer that station management is deciding what to do after listeners heard West Virginia University basketball coach Bob Huggins refer to Xavier University supporters as “Catholic f—s” on the Bill Cunningham programme on Monday.
Huggins released a statement, stating, “Earlier today on a Cincinnati radio programme, I was questioned about the rivalry between my previous employer, the University of Cincinnati, and its crosstown opponent, Xavier University. There is just no justification for the term I used in the discussion, and I won’t attempt to provide one here. I sincerely apologise to the people I insulted, as well as to the Xavier University community, the University of Cincinnati, and West Virginia University. There are repercussions for our words and acts, as I have explained to my players over the course of my 40 years as a coach, and I am ready to take any that may befall me. I feel guilty, humiliated, and grieved for people I have harmed. I must improve, and I will.

Social media responds to Bob Huggins using a homophobic slur by saying it’s “impossible to defend.”
Bob HugginsThe contentious relationship between the WVU coach and Xavier extends back to his time as coach in Cincinnati.
Huggins, who coached at the University of Cincinnati from 1989 to 2005, is heard using the homophobic slur in recordings of the scene that have been shared on Twitter. It happened during a section called “Stooge Report.”
“You have the best portal transfers,” Cunningham is heard saying. Have you recruited any Xavier players to play for West Virginia?
“Catholics don’t do that,” said Huggins.
Huggins then makes mention of an incident when “rubber penises” were tossed onto the floor during a Crosstown Shootout game between UC and Xavier.
Cunningham made fun of the game being “transgender night.” Huggins said, “It was all those f–s, and I think those Catholic f–s threw them.”
Cunningham and station management have been contacted by The Enquirer for comments. Huggins sent a message on West Virginia’s Twitter account even though he could not be contacted for comment.

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