Ben Sasse

Ben Sasse is the only remaining candidate to lead the University of Florida.

Sen. Ben Sasse, has been recommended by a search committee for the position of president of the University of Florida. Rahul Patel, the committee’s chair, said in a statement that Ben “brings intellectual curiosity, a belief in the power and potential of American colleges, and an unrivaled track record of leadership spanning higher education, government, and the commercial sector.”

Sasse stated in the university statement that he was “thrilled about the possibility” to serve as president and that “the University of Florida is the most intriguing university in America right now.” His Senate office has made no further statements.

Sasse has served two years of his second six-year term in the Senate. Republican Pete Ricketts, the governor of Nebraska, has the authority to choose someone to finish out Sasse’s term if he were to resign from elected office. It is unlikely to change the Senate’s balance of power.

The university claimed to have contacted over 700 individuals inside and outside of the university, reduced the field to twelve, and unanimously selected Sasse, 50, as the sole finalist.

The recommendation needs to be approved by the university’s board of trustees before being subject to approval by the Florida Board of Governors. Next Monday, Sasse is anticipated to visit the university, and the board of trustees will convene on November 1.

Currently on break before the midterm elections is Congress. After the election, lawmakers are anticipated to reconvene for a lame duck session that would likely include legislation to fund the government, uphold same-sex marriage, and reform the electoral system in reaction to the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Two people familiar with the Nebraska Republican’s plans say he’s expected to accept the presidency of the University of Florida and step down from Congress soon.

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