Athletico dominated Corinthians and only failed to score because of Cássio's crazy play.

Athletico dominated Corinthians and only failed to score because of Cássio’s crazy play.

Athletico and Corinthians had a game with a lot of on-field movement this past Saturday (24). Despite the opportunities created on both sides, the score in Curitiba was just 1 to 0, failing to satisfy the managers’ offensive dominance.

From the beginning, the Furaco has known how to handle the ball better and streamline the route to the opponent’s area. Something that the Corinthians struggled greatly to carry out and which has consistently appeared in Vanderlei Luxemburgo’s work. The pressured Parque So Jorge team spent a lot of time against the wall without being able to react.

O CAP está muito mais próximo do gol do que o adversário during toda a partida, in yet another performance that left positive impressions under the direction of intern Wesley Carvalho. Only, he was unable to take full advantage of a day that was mostly influenced by Cassio, who executed five quite significant defences.

Imagine a less inspired game if Cássio had been the source of inspiration for the placard, which seemed to be quite elegant. The corinthian assault began with a strong sprint over the bridge and a low Khellven cross that led to Vitor Roque’s diversion. O camisa 9 aprontou das suas pegando a defesa e o goleiro alvinegros desprevenidos. Minutes later, in an ensaiada game, he almost hit another in the head. However, since the ball did not completely cross the corinthian goal line, the arbitrator declared the lance invalid.

There is no way to explain why the Corinthians had a dance in Curitiba. The team struggled with defensive support, gave up a lot of space, and ultimately paid a high price since the pace was slower than the lean attack by the black team. Athletico gained an advantage in several high-speed ball battles and used it to block the way till the end. There were 24 chutes in all, with six exceeding the goal, which gives an idea of the level of intensity shown by the local team.

The Corinthians had some good moments when Roger Guedes threw the ball beside himself to carry it to the goal line, but not any more than that. The Timo offensive unit didn’t pose much of a threat to Bento because of how well-marked Yuri Alberto was. When activated, Wesley’s three-zagueiro system provided some measure of safety for the Furaco. Despite this, the Brazilians had more ball possession, but they were unable to convert it into finalisations.

Finally, the Athletico youth provided Cássio with energy, a difficult miss, and some skill. When Cássio was hit, he had luck on his side. As in the launch where Tomás Cuello anticipated a collision, which he eventually completed but missed the target. When facing an opponent that exerts a lot of pressure and initiates play, the Corinthians won’t always have the same luck. This deserves a tonne of attention given to the progression of Luxemburg’s work. Up until this point, the team has been quite inconsistent from one game to the next, which often results in significant pressure for straightforward victories. It’s time to return to the lousa, reflect on what went well in the most recent victories, and try to stick to the plan.

The victory was well-deserved for Athletico; as a result, the team is now in fifth place in the Brazilian standings, level with Botafogo in the battle for the championship. The Corinthians are now in 15th place, just outside the rebaixing zone.

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