At the Grammys, Bad Bunny's Dad Jeans Have My Heart

At the Grammys, Bad Bunny’s Dad Jeans Have My Heart

I wasn’t mesmerized by Harry Styles’ bejeweled Harlequin jumpsuit with tattoo-revealing décolletage or by Jack Antonoff’s skinny-tie Buddy Holly ensemble at Friday night’s Grammy Awards.

The whole red carpet spectacle felt over the top, excessively glitzy, and attention-seeking. Instead, Bad Bunny, who performed songs from his Grammy-nominated album Un Verano Sin Ti, won my heart. He was dressed simply, in only a T-shirt and pants.

His appearance, especially the tight, high-rise stovepipe trousers, was amazing. They seemed to belong to a high-fiving Mitt Romney, a nerdy Jerry Seinfeld, and undoubtedly someone’s father.

For Bad Bunny, who adorned his Grammys outfit for 2021 with a peculiar sunflower and often posts selfies in crop tops, the denim was unusually plain.

His stylist Storm Pablo emailed Vogue to say, “This time he wanted casual and comfort.” Pablo claims that Bad Bunny selected every item personally, including the T-shirt from Uniqlo 1990 and the Levi’s 501s jeans.

The style of the jeans in particular made this performance outfit seem radical in a setting where individuals dress to get attention. In contrast to the flood of ball dresses and sequins, Bad Bunny’s normcore denim stood out. Not simply because they were straightforward; dad jeans are really one of the most contentious-yet-boring shapes online.

There are sites where people lament, “I accidently purchased dad pants online and can’t return them now,” and others where users search for the ideal pair of dad jeans. When I look up the jeans, several of the reviews—written by welders, regular guys, and their wives—include the word “comfortable,” which is the exact reason Bad Bunny originally selected them.

And although though Bad Bunny’s trousers are becoming less common, they used to be the pant of choice at award ceremonies in the 1980s and 1990s. On the red carpet, they resembled an invading species.

Instagram accounts with a nostalgic aesthetic, like @nightopenings, document the hunks who donned the trend. Chevy Chase wore his sandblasting hip-hugging version with a denim shirt to the Invisible Man premiere, while a dapper George Lucas donned a button-up pair to the premiere of The Rock. Kevin Bacon wore a lightwash pair with a tucked-in V-neck white T-shirt to the Apollo 13 premiere.

These pictures portray a period when individuals were more relaxed, more self-assured, and less painfully well-groomed.

This past menswear season, the pants also had a little resurgence. This past season, Martine Rose, who often draws inspiration from self-aware cheekiness and London nostalgia, debuted a pair of tight, chiseled, thick jeans.

Glenn Martens of Y/Project raised the waistband slightly and created a pair of dark denim pants with voluminous, almost ruffled legs.

editor-in-chief of the interview and the originator of dad jeans Mel Ottenberg’s Levi’s 501s help to close the gap between fashion and function. Since years, he has been purchasing antique editions, noting that they “keep it all together.” He shared my appreciation of Bad Bunny’s appearance.

“I’m so glad Bad Bunny wore the outfit last night. Opening the Grammys in what everyone else would consider your rehearsal outfit indicates more than anything else that ‘you need me to salvage this event,’ according to Ottenberg. “He won.”

However, I think they’re really hot. A guy who is confident in his jeans is confident in himself! No of the cut, he stresses comfort above keeping up with trends.

“I personally prefer to go above and above particularly for Grammys but he taught me that simplicity and items that fit well may do the job,” said Pablo, Bad Bunny’s stylist. It’s a dang nice look, as any parent would add.

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