The Cleveland Guardians

The Cleveland Guardians will offer player programs at postseason games

Six distinct Cleveland Guardians player programs will be presented at each Wild Card game at Progressive Field, the Cleveland Guardians have announced today.

In order to accommodate groups that have interacted with a variety of Guardians players over the 2022 season, the Cleveland Guardians have purchased 120 tickets for each game.

Each Wild Card game at Progressive Field will feature one of the following player programs:

Josh Naylor hosts the Cleveland RBI Teams

Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) is a Major League Baseball youth outreach program created to promote academic success, bring more kids from various backgrounds into the game, and boost the number of gifted athletes who play in college and on the professional level.

Guardians RBI rosters are made up of kids from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, who are eligible for free tuition at more than 100 private schools and universities in Ohio and across the nation according to the Say Yes to Education grant program. The Cleveland Guardians are in charge of paying all costs.

Triston McKenzie is the host of True2U.

For the past three academic years, Triston McKenzie has volunteered as a True2U mentor for an eighth-grade class at Valley View Boys’ Leadership Academy. Throughout the course of the year, McKenzie makes multiple visits to the class where she talks with the children about the decision-making process, career options, strengths, and beliefs. Steven Kwan has joined McKenzie as a mentor for this year.

Steven Kwan is the host of the Cleveland Guardians Chess Club.

The John Marshall High School chess team, which ranks in the top 20 in the country, has partnered with kids from the Cleveland Guardians Chess Club 2022 Spring Training to host exhibition games between Guardians players and John Marshall students throughout the season.

Bullpen Coach Brian Sweeney and the Bullpen present Ready to Respond

Since its beginning in May 2021, Ready to Respond, founded by Bullpen Coach Brian Sweeney and the Cleveland Guardians bullpen, has honored neighborhood first responders, such as fire, police, EMS, and 911 dispatchers, by giving them a special game-day experience.

presenter of Letters With Love is Cal Quantrill

For the whole season of Letters with Love, Cal and Eastin Quantrill have been gathering letters to send to foster children. In an effort to inspire positivity, self-assurance, and love among the foster children in Cleveland and Phoenix, the Quantrills and Letters to Foster Children established its player program.

Zach Plesac is the host of Plesac’s Pals.

For Plesac’s Pals, a FirstEnergy-sponsored program, Zach Plesac has teamed up with the Boys & Girls Club of NEO. The program places a strong emphasis on encouraging young people to live healthy lifestyles and stay active.

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