At Auburn's pro day, Cam Newton completes more than 30 passes.

At Auburn’s pro day, Cam Newton completes more than 30 passes.

After sitting out the whole 2022 season, Cam Newton finally had the chance to perform.

At a pro day event held on Tuesday at Auburn, where Newton, 33, won a Heisman Trophy and a national title in 2010, he threw in front of scouts.

His younger brother Caylin, a former quarterback at Howard who concluded his undergraduate career as a wide receiver at Auburn and William & Mary, asked the 2015 NFL Most Valuable Player to throw at Auburn.

Caylin Newton said of his elder brother, “This was him demonstrating love to me. He has no obligations to anybody. His trip and NFL career have both been incredible. He doesn’t have anything to prove to anybody. He came to demonstrate his talent and demonstrate that he still had it.I believe that he did this out of kindness. But it was also done to demonstrate and demonstrate to everyone that he is not idle. He still has it. His number is still open and accessible for any company that wants to get a successful quarterback.

On Tuesday in Auburn, Cam Newton refused to talk with media. Newton tossed over 30 passes to a number of Auburn NFL hopefuls throughout the practice, including wide receiver Shedrick Jackson.

That was entertaining, Jackson remarked. “Learning his jargon and seeing his cadence was definitely my favorite part. He had terrific touch with the ball, and I believe he still has it.

The highlight of the practice may have been when Newton showed off his renowned pocket-scrambling skills before completing a 50-yard ball to his younger brother.

Since Dec. 26, 2021, Newton, who has played 11 seasons in the NFL, has not attempted a pass. Midway through the 2021 campaign, he returned to the Carolina Panthers, where he started five games and had a 0-5 record.

Newton played for the New England Patriots in 2020, his last full season in the NFL. In his first season with the Panthers, Newton was a three-time Pro Bowl selection and led the club to the Super Bowl 50 while also winning the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year and MVP awards.

When he posted on social media Monday night that he will throw at Auburn’s pro day, the No. 1 overall selection in the 2011 draft grabbed attention.

Tell me how these haphazards continue to get employment. In a video sent on Twitter, Newton remarked. “Don’t stress about it. I’ll demonstrate for you. I’m eager to show you.

Newton has reportedly been putting in a lot of effort to rejoin the league after a year away, according to his younger brother.

Everyone can sense his character and confidence from what they see on television, according to Caylin Newton.

“They fail to see the grit. They are unaware of his work hours. As a result, the media has its own opinions on him. I recognize him. They are also aware of his identity wherever he has gone.

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