Astro member and K-pop singer Moonbin passes away at the age of 25.

Astro member and K-pop singer Moonbin passes away at the age of 25.
Astro member and K-pop singer Moonbin passes away at the age of 25.

Moonbin, a member of the boy band Astro, died at the age of 25, his music company Fantagio reported on Thursday.
Moonbin was discovered unconscious at his flat in Seoul’s posh Gangnam suburb on Wednesday evening, according to local media.

“On April 19, Astro member Moon Bin unexpectedly left our world and became a star in the sky,” stated a statement released in Korean on Fantagio’s official Twitter page early Thursday.
It didn’t say anything regarding the reason of death.
The message requested that everyone “refrain from speculative and malicious reports” so that his family may pay their respects privately.
Moon Bin, also known as Moonbin, was a member of the Astro group and also performed with a subgroup named Moonbin & Sanha.
He joined the Fantagio label’s apprentice programme at a young age and worked as an actor and model before making his Astro debut in February 2016. The group initially had six members, but one quit in February 2023.
Moonbin’s sister, Moon Sua, is a K-pop singer who is a member of the girl group Billlie.
The label’s news drew hundreds of responses from distraught fans, many of whom expressed shock.
“I’m so sorry for the loss of one of the most beautiful souls I’ve met through music!” Prayers to his family, friends, employers, and fans!” one Twitter user said in response to Fantagio’s tweet.
“I’m unable to concentrate on my work right now.” “This really hurts,” commented another.
Several additional young K-pop singers have died in recent years, notably Goo Hara in November 2019. She had been mistreated by an ex-boyfriend who, after they parted, blackmailed her with their sex films.
The alleged suicide came a month after her close friend and fellow K-pop artist Sulli committed herself following a protracted battle with online bullying, spurring calls in South Korea for harsher penalties for cybercrime and abusive online remarks.
Minwoo, 33, of the boy band 100%, died at home in 2018, with his label simply stating that he had had a heart attack.
Just over three months before, SHINee’s main singer Jonghyun died in a suspected suicide. He was 27.
South Korea has one of the world’s highest rates of suicide, which, according to current official estimates, is one of the leading causes of death for those under the age of 40.

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