Apple TV 4K 2022

Apple TV 4K officially launched; availability is impacted by delays and shortages

The brand-new Apple TV 4K is now available for purchase at Apple Stores as well as via third-party merchants, after the product’s formal unveiling the previous month. Additionally, customers are beginning to get their initial pre-order packages at this time. However, it appears that early shortages and delays are causing problems for some consumers who were hoping to purchase an Apple TV 4K…

Alongside the release of the new iPad 10 and updated iPad Pro M2, Apple also introduced the next iteration of the Apple TV 4K. The most recent iteration of Apple’s set-top streaming box comes equipped with a brand new A15 Bionic CPU, as well as the ability to handle HDR10+ and a new Siri Remote that can be charged by USB-C. Most notably, in comparison to its predecessor, it has a lower price tag.

There are two different variations of the Apple TV 4K to choose from. The first choice has a price tag of $129 and comes with a storage capacity of 64 GB and connectivity through WiFi alone. You can get 128 gigabytes of storage, an Ethernet connector, and compatibility for the Thread communication standard for smart home devices for the price of $149.

Many excited Apple TV 4K pre-order customers have gone to social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to share photos of their packages upon arrival. The new Apple TV 4K versions are also readily available for in-store pickup the same day at a large number of Apple Stores located around the United States.

However, there are certain supply bottlenecks and delays that appear to be limiting the availability of Apple TV 4K. According to a tweet by Sigmund Judge, certain customers who pre-ordered the new tablet would not receive their purchases until November 7 through November 10 since their shipments have been delayed. According to Judge, there is also no availability for in-store pickup at a few of the Apple Store locations located around Europe.

Amazon now sells the newest Apple TV 4K models at prices that are somewhat lower than those offered by Apple, and the company estimates that it will take just a few days for customers to receive their orders.

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