Apple has lost its innovation

There used to be a time when Steve Jobs was alive when people eagerly waited for the new release of Apple products whether it be the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac or the good old iPod. When Steve would come on stage and showcase the new products each product would be revolutionary. His knowledge of each product and his personal touch would make him the best salesman on the planet.  The charisma he had and the attention of the audience he commanded was outstanding, a perfect balance of being an inventor and businessman. No one can compete with the standards that he had set. The minute he stood on stage he had the audience hypnotized and before he got off people would be sold on what he had to sell.

Each product was literally hand crafted by Steve Jobs with a standard of quality and features that would leave the competition defeated. It was as if they had to surrender in a battle between the technologies where Steve came out victorious every time.

Nowadays we wait for the new releases from Apple but are disappointed a few minutes into the Apple event. When you see Tim Cook coming on stage you see a man who doesn’t know much about the products the company is about to release. It’s more like so here I am outside my fancy office building and let me hand you over to this other guy to tell you about the new phone and here’s this lady telling you about the other features and here’s a video advertisement that I payed for. 

Even the products that are released leave the audience thinking “I can wait another year, maybe the next years phone would be better”. Let’s take this year’s iPhone as an example it looks the same as the last years iPhone. Just a few tweaks here and there and the same story as last year. We have a new and improved display, we have the best battery till date, we have a new range of colors.

The only reason people are still on iPhone is the user interface that Steve Jobs created and hope that the next year’s phone will be better.