Anthony Richardson describes himself as a cross between Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson.

Anthony Richardson describes himself as a cross between Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson.

During pre-draft season, there would inevitably be similarities between Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson and Lamar Jackson. During the NFL Scouting Combine on Friday, Richardson amplified that by asserting that he had been using that comparison for years.

When asked who quarterbacks he looked up to, he named Cam Newton, the 2019 undisputed MVP of the Ravens and a past MVP of the Panthers.

“I changed my name to Cam Jackson in the eleventh grade. only attempting to make bold moves, “Richardson smiled as he said.

Richardson’s statistics don’t immediately suggest a first-round choice. The first year he started for the Gators as the primary quarterback, he completed 53.8 percent of his throws. He passed for 212 yards a game on average, with nine interceptions outnumbering his 17 touchdown passes.

Richardson, who last season carried for 654 yards and nine touchdowns, also brings a potent rushing presence. Over his career, he has averaged 6.9 yards per run.

Richardson has incredible skill and a jaw-dropping frame, but many think he has to be refined. He is regarded by many analysts as a talent who would benefit from a redshirt rookie season before making the NFL starting lineup.

Richardson reacted angrily when the subject of being called a “project” was posed. He’ll undoubtedly enter the NFL with a grudge, much as Jackson did after falling to the last choice in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

Richardson said, “I don’t even know what that, ‘Project label,’ means. “I’m ready to provide them with anything, anything, and whatever they need of me. I’m going to work a lot. Just develop and keep growing because I’m going to be committed to my trade and a leader in that company.”

On the other hand, Richardson could be the draft’s greatest quarterback boom. His size alone portends an exceptional athlete, more in the pattern of Newton but potentially with greater speed.

“For many of the clubs I spoke with, Anthony Richardson is the backup quarterback. We may examine the figures. On paper, it doesn’t seem good. You consider this, that, and other factors, including accuracy, “Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network said last week.

“He has outstanding arm strength. A remarkable athlete, he is. You don’t see quarterbacks scoring touchdown runs of 80 yards and then sprinting away from LSU. He is big-time, has a big-time ceiling, and is big-time talented.”

“I am aware that [his tape] is a bit of a roller coaster. Despite his limited playing history, “said Jeremiah. “But, some of these quarterbacks are beginning to be seen by clubs as lottery tickets, and this one has the highest payout. Because of this, I anticipate that Richardson will rise significantly.”

According to reports, Richardson is already doing well throughout the pre-draft process, particularly in interviews.

He has been working out in Jacksonville with 6Points and owner/trainer Denny Thompson in preparation for the Combine, so it wouldn’t be shocking to see him put up staggering numbers during the quarterbacks’ session on Saturday.

Richardson said, “I’m really happy because I feel like I’m coming into myself and I’m just having fun with the process. “I believe that my physical, mental, and mechanical selves have all altered significantly. I’m now prepared to demonstrate my abilities.”

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