Amid allegations of adultery, Becky G removes her engagement ring at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Amid allegations of adultery, Becky G removes her engagement ring at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

On Monday night, while attending the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards, Becky G seemed to have forgotten her engagement ring at home.

Becky G graced the red carpet at the awards presentation alone in a magnificent black Julien Macdonald gown, accessorised with plenty of gold, only hours after her fiancé, Sebastian Lletget, confessed to breaching “lines that should have never crossed.”

She put on many shimmering rings, but her diamond sparkler from Lletget was conspicuously missing from her hand.

During the event, the 26-year-old singer collected the prize for “Mamiii,” the best Latin Pop/Reggeaton song of the year.

Becky G made an appearance on the red carpet one week after the Instagram account @ja29poo accused her fiance of infidelity. The account’s owner claimed to have slept with Lletget in February.

The Instagram user said on their Story in English and Spanish, “I will share the films of that night at the Shoko nightclub, where I was there with Sebastion [sic] Lletget, @iambeckyg’s boyfriend.

Because some of the purported evidence is “very intimate,” including one “video of Sebastian naked,” they said they couldn’t share the whole body of evidence. Additionally, the individual revealed some of their purported direct messages and recordings.

Lletget, 30, afterwards apologised for a transgression on social media on Monday without providing any other information.

A 10-minute mistake of judgement over the last several weeks, which I truly regret, led to an extortion conspiracy, he said.

“Since this person did not get their way, it has turned into a public social media spectacle filled with more lies than there are truths and false posts directed at the love of my life, the one person I should never take for granted or put in danger,” the author said.

Lleget said he broke “boundaries of lines that should never be crossed,” although saying he has “never” seen the “anonymous internet stalker,” and he dubbed the incident a “wake-up call.”

He continued by saying that throughout his career, he had concealed “personal trauma and acute anxiety,” and that the current “chaos & pain” of his acts motivated him to start a “mental wellness programme.”

After six years of relationship, Lletget proposed to his fiancée in December. He ended the article by expressing regret to her.

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