Amber Heard Blacklisted from Hollywood

Amber Heard gets blacklisted from Hollywood

After long battle in court that went on for six weeks that disclosed a lot of shocking evidence through the testimonials that came from both sides. The court finally ruled in favour of Jonny Depp and found Amber Heard guilty.

After the ruling of the court Hollywood has started maintaining their distance from her. There are even reports that claim Amber would use her looks and her body to manipulate men to give her what she wanted. It was even revealed by an insider that she slept her way to the top. Unsurprisingly she has used this strategy since her modelling days. People have tried to get rid of her from their production houses and have found that to be quite complicated due to her manipulative behavior.

The who’s who of Hollywood knew about Heard’s reputation even before the divorce, there were talks of the wild orgies she had and if everyone knew then so did Johnny Depp and that’s why we would drown himself in alcohol and drugs trying to escape the truth.

Now that the cat is out of the bag and the court has ruled in Depp’s favour everyone is maintaining distance from Amber Heard and production houses cannot be bullied and manipulated to sign her for any films. Hollywood has had enough and Amber Heard they don’t need to entertain someone with such a horrible character and who really isn’t that good an actor either.