Sanne Bos and Hebe Zwart, missing between Raamdonksveer and Vught since Monday, 17 October 2022

Massive hunt for a handicapped youngster who has vanished and her caretaker

Hebe Zwart, 10, and Sanne Bos, who was looking after her, went missing on Monday and are most likely still unaccounted for somewhere between Raamdonksveer and Vught. A thorough search is being conducted for them. The nonverbal, disabled girl was the subject of an Amber Alert from the police. Volunteers and police are searching the area.

The Oost-Brabant police announced on Twitter that “all roads and waterways on and near the route between Raamdonksveer and Vught are being searched.” Police officials and volunteers are scouring the water and land while a police helicopter is doing aerial searches.

Around 3 p.m. on Monday, Sanne picked up Hebe from the ortho-pedagogical day centre ‘t Opstapje on Sint Theresiastraat in Raamdonksveer and drove her to Vught. Driving a Kia Picanto with the licence plate PR-425-K was Sanne. They never arrived at Hebe’s residence in Vught.

Regarding what they believe may have occurred and if Sanne was involved, the police have not made any statements. According to Dion Luitjen of the Oost-Brabant police, “that’s a big question mark for now.” In any event, she is currently missing as well. Further research will be required to determine whether she played a direct part in the disappearance. Of course, we’re looking for the two and any information that can point us in their direction.

Mark, a friend of Sanne’s, assured De Telegraaf that she would never harm Hebe. No one loves Hebe as much as Sanne does. He told the newspaper, “She didn’t do anything to herself either. “We look at three possible outcomes. The first is that she may have gotten into the river or run off the road and is now somewhere. Or perhaps both of them were seized without their will.

Since Monday night, Mark and other Sanne-related pals have searched every road between Raamdonksveer and Vught. “Sanne’s phone’s signal was lost between hectometre poles 106.01 and 106.06,” On Monday night, we took the highway’s hard shoulder slowly. One person thoroughly searched the ditches, another the entire verge. But we came up empty-handed.

Sanne’s phone ringing caught Mark’s attention. She makes care to keep her phone charged and on at all times. Sanne is always on time. She also never avoids giving Hebe her medication, he told the newspaper.

Hebe lacks speech and has a number of problems. When she left ‘t Opstapje on Monday, she was sporting a bright-pink jacket, a black skirt, and a blue T-shirt. She has blonde hair and fair skin. Hebe has scoliosis and moves clumsily with her feet out. Sanne is 26 years old, has white complexion, blue eyes, and blond hair. She also has a thin body.

On Tuesday afternoon, the police encouraged anyone with information regarding Hebe or Sanne’s whereabouts to call emergency number 112. The police phone lines were down at the time.

Photo Credits:  Willemijn Zwart-Smeets / Facebook