Alex Jones Conspiracy Theorist and host of Infowars

Alex Jones takes the stand for the damages he must pay for saying that the Sandy Hook school massacre was a hoax

Alex Jones the famous conspiracy theorist took to the stand for his defamation trial at the Waterbury Superior Court in Connecticut on Thursday. Ales is being tried for the damages he needs to pay for promoting lies in 2012 about the Sandy Hook massacre claiming that it was a hoax.

 Over a dozen of family members of some 20 children and six teachers who were killed in the massacre attended the trial to hear Alex’s testimony.

Christopher Mattei the plaintiff’s attorney showed a video from Alex Jones’s web show Infowars in which he referred to the massacre saying, “as phony as a three-dollar bill” and went all to call the family member of the victims “crisis actors”.

Jones was found liable for defaulting for damages to plaintiffs last year without a trial for repeated failures for not submitting documents to their lawyers. The members of the jury are now how Alex Jones and his company Free Speech that ifs the parent company of Infowars must pay in damages to the families of the victims for defaming them and intentionally causing emotional distress.

On his show, Alex Jones said that the trial was an attack on free speech and about the trial, he said that “This is not a real trial, this is a show trial, a literal kangaroo court”.

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